All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress) All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress)

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Travelling with a GPA Writer Year ISBN Publisher
Half-Safe Ben Carlin 1955 Antiquarian Andre Deutsch Ltd
Half-Safe part one The amazing (today IMPOSSIBLE, they lock you up) story of Ben Carlin's world circumnavigation in an amphibious Jeep!

This book contains the first half of the journey:
The idea.
The building.
The 4 false starts.
The crossing of the Atlantic over the Azores, the Canary islands, into Morocco then North to Tanger over sea to Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany Denmark, over sea again to Sweden and back again through Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, then again over sea to England where the book ends with the 2.5 year rebuilding of Half-Safe.
The Other Half of Half-Safe Ben Carlin 1989 0-9598731-1-2 Guildford Grammar School Foundation
The Other Half of Half-Safe Starts with an abridged version of Half-Safe - Across the Atlantic by Jeep)
This book is available from Guildford Grammar School.

The second part of this book starts on 30 May 1954 when they left England by sea to France to continue through Switzerland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey sailing across the Bosporus to Asia, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and India, to Calcutta.

In the summer of 1955/56 a fund raising trip to Australia was undertaken, Half-Safe was carried on a steam boat. Here, Elinore decided she had seen enough of sea and sea sickness and left Ben.
In January 1956 Ben and Half-Safe returned by steam boat to Calcutta. Ben, used up a series of shipmates in the rest of the journey.
From Calcutta by sea to Burma the overland route was then impassable.
Continued below:
Half-Safe Around the World Ben Carlin 1991 Antiquarian Tynron Press
Half-Safe Around the World This is about the same book as above that by it self is a story. ;-)

Continued from above:
From Burma they continued overland, via Rangoon and Bangkok to Saigon and Da Nang. Then over sea again to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. On 12 June 1957 Ben left Japan for the Aleutian's. they went island-hopping across the North Pacific to Anchorage, Alaska. From there over road Ben took a long detour through the US, before making full circle on 12 May 1958 in Montreal Canada.

Ben’s journey took eight years.
He negotiated 62 744 km overland and 17 780 km by sea
Once a Fool Boyé Lafayette De Mente 1964

Phoenix Books
For sale at Amazon UK.
Once a Fool Boyé De Mente joined Ben Carlin for the crossing of the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Alaska. He made an interview with Ben for the Japanese Times and was asked to join for the last leg of the journey. He was warned by friends not to, even had some incidents with Ben before departure. But he joined!

He had to wait 5 years until he was allowed to publish the story of this life time adventure.
That was the deal with Ben Carlin.
In this book you will find a very different viewpoint on Ben and the amazing Half-Safe.

You can read here how close ANYBODY can get to murder.

A nice sub title for the book wood be: "The other side of Ben Carlin"

A Speck on the Sea William H. Longyard 2003 0071413065 McGraw-Hill Professional
A Speck on the Sea Epic ocean voyages in the most improbable vessels.

About the techniques, the people, there motivation and there personalities.

Half-Safe Ben and Elinore and some of the rest of the crew are in this book.

You can read it for FREE on-line Google books,
but I prefer the feeling of a dead tree in my hands!
La Tortuga Helen & Frank Schreider 1957 Antiquarian Secher & Warburg Ltd.
La Tortuga an amphibious journey from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego The complete title reads:
La Tortuga an amphibious journey from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

work in progress
The Drums of Tonkin An Adventure In Indonesia Helen & Frank Schreider 1963 Antiquarian Frederick Muller Ltd.
The Drums of Tonkin
work in progress
20,000 Miles South Helen & Frank Schreider 1957 Antiquarian Doubleday & Company, Inc.
20,000 Miles South The complete title reads:
20,000 Miles South A Pan-American adventure in a seagoing Jeep from the Arctic circle to Tierra del Fuego

Same text as La Tortuga but different publisher and some photo's are different.

Travelling with a DUKW Writer Year ISBN Publisher
Everybodyduck Virginia Hamilton with
Verginia Taylor Klose
1962 Antiquarian McGrawhil book company
Everybodyduck or family plan to Buenos Aires The complete title reads:
Everybodyduck or family plan to Buenos Aires

Travel adventures of a large family and friends travelling with a DUKW to Buenos Aires.

I have read the book but it was a long time ago.

It is a happy story -- big fun to read.
Gives a good view about the life and ideas in 1960.

South through the jungle
Virginia Hamilton with
Verginia Taylor Klose
Antiquarian Robert Hale Limited
South through the jungle
It is the same book as EverybodyDuck

But this is the 1965 Great Britain version.

But the best news is that this first edition does not cost a weeks pay!
Okavango June Kay 1962 Antiquarian Hutchinson & Co Ltd.
Okavango HIM sitting at the kitchen table SAYING:
I bought a DUKW, WE will sell the business, WE will go on safari.
And she is worried about the table silver, well she learned, he will never. ;-)

See also "Starlings Laughing" by June Vendall-Clark (She was June Kay)

Okavango is a book about an African safari with a DUKW as transport it is an account of June and Robert Kay's nomadic adventures in Africa.

It is the sort of African safari book that starts with hunting and shooting wild animals.
But then something happens that triggers the brain.
Pure colonialism going over to environmental awareness.

There are some photo's of the DUCK and a fair description of the interior of the DUKW.
Wild Eden June Kay 1964 Antiquarian Hutchinson & Co Ltd.
Wild Eden More African safari, travelling with with 3 children in the DUKW to forgotten lagoons and rivers. That sounds nice, but for who?

The people that started the foundation of Botswana's Okavango/Moremi National Park in the 1960s were not state officials but local BaTawana chiefs and a network of hunters and adventurers turned conservationists.

The changing of Africa, the taking over by "civilization".
In June's description of the hunting you feel the needles suffering of the animals.

The DUKW is there headquarters from where they co found the Botswana's Okavango/Moremi National Park. Photo's, yes. But no DUKW photo's
The Thirteenth Moon June Kay 1970 Antiquarian Hutchinson
The Thirteenth Moon

No so much DUKW in the book.

But she gives a half wild lion an enigma

One DUKW photo with the founders of the reservation in the foreground.

German title: Insel der goldenen Löwen
Starlings Laughing June Vendall-Clark
once June Kay
1990 978-0552994262 Corgi
Starlings Laughing
Complete title reads: Starlings laughing: a memoir of Africa.

The later truth from the remarried and re-named June Vendall-Clark is that she hates the amphibious camper and above all her ex-husband (and not without reason).

Or maybe she seen an opportunity to make some money. ;-)
Do you know amphibious books or translations that I have missed let me know Hans Rosloot
More to follow : -)

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