All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress) All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress)

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Title Writer Year ISBN Cover - Publisher

Rodolphe Roussille 2012
9782352501602 Histoire & Collections
Pioneer Equipments
Amphibious equipment used by the Germans during World War Two.
After 70 years a book on this theme can finally be published.

There’s a chapter on the early Trippel vehicles.
Most of the book is about the various Land Wasser Schleppers.
Flying Cars Amphibious Vehicles
and Other Dual Mode Transports

George W. Green
978-0786445561 McFarland
"Interesting" reading!

Tells that the Amphi-Ranger was developed in 1946 Germany.
That is right after WWII when Germany was forbidden to develop amphibious vehicles.
The right answer is 1982 Germany. ;-)

The Amtrack LVT-1 (a TRACKED vehicle)
has a 1200 cc engine (same as the UK Herald) that drives the REAR WHEELS.

That sounds more like the engine of the Amphicar. ;-)
Amphicar 1147cc or Herald 13/60 (1296cc).
Amphicar @ other
Amphibious Cars
Trevor Alder 1995 Antiquarian PB Transport Source Books Ltd
Amphicar @ other Amphibious Cars The same book has a few different covers.
But I do not judge a book by its cover. ;-)
The book contains a series of articles from papers and magazines about:
Yes, you guessed it right, amphibious vehicles. ;-)
Compiled by Trevor Alder

70 BW pages of amphibious fun.
My copy has a disappointing print quality (Illegal print?)

Through time forgotten info on English channel crossings and strange Amphibs.
DUCW in Action Timothy J. Kutta 1996 Antiquarian PB Squadron/signal publication 2035
DUCK in Action
Everything you wanted to know about the DUKW and was to afraid to ask.

There are 50 pages and 65 % of the book is photo (some are colour) and the rest much technical info also about the prototypes.
The landing in Normandy WWII is in the book.

Kubelwagen Tony Oliver 1983 Antiquarian PB Almark Publication
Kubelwagen The book is not only about the Kubelwagen but it is also about the Schwimmwagen and the Trippel amphibious vehicles.

I can say that 45 % of the book is amphibious.

It is 80% photo and gives very much technical details in list form.
M113 in U.S service Michel Creen & Yves Debay 1991 Antiquarian PB Concord Publications Company 1021
M113 in U.S service M113 in U.S service

The book has about 90 % photo's, in the middle are 8 colour pages.
About 70 not numbered pages.
Most of the M113 versions are in the book.

And there are some strange ones. :-)

Military & Civilian Amphibians 1940 - 1990 R. M. Clarke 1990 1 85520 2514 PB Brookland Books
Military & Civilian Amphibians 1940 - 1990 The book also contains a series of articles from papers and magazines.
And how strange it is ALL about amphibious vehicles!

Compiled by R. M. Clarke

But this one has 140 BW pages of amphibious fun.
Stout, Strong & Sturdy John L. Rue 1998 Antiquarian PB Konig Verlag
Stout, Strong & Sturdy The complete title reads:
Stout, Strong & Sturdy The Alvis Stalwart Story

The book covers the complete history of the Stolly from prototype to diesel version.

Many BW photo's of almost all Stolly versions.

US Military Wheeled Vehicles Fred Crismon 1983 0970056710 HC Motorbooks International
US Military Wheeled Vehicles About 450 pages military wheeled vehicles and 12 pages pure amphibians
and a great many amphibious vehicles that are not in the amphibious chapters.

Much Intel about prototypes.

Many very strange vehicles.

When you read you will say "Is that where my tax money went!" ;-)
It does not mater in which country you live,
this is the sort of thing your tax money went to.
VW at War book 1 Michael Sawodny 1991 0887403085 PB Schiffer Publishing, Ltd
VW at War book 1 Kubelwagen Schwimmwagen

Military History 0xx German Trucks and Cars in World War II, (Vol 1)

Still have to find it for a normal price. When somebody has a copy of this book that I can buy for not to much money? Please email me.
VW at War book 2 Dr. Bernd Wiersche 1992 0887404014 PB Schiffer Publishing Ltd.
VW at War book 2 Kubelwagen Schwimmwagen

It is a translation of "VW kubelwagen und VW schwimwagen WA band 105" by Podzun-Pallas verlag.

Military History 055 - German Trucks & Cars in WW2 (Vol 2)
It has information and photo's on the floating Kubelwagen, swim prototypes
Schwimmwagen 128 and 166 photo's and photo's of special versions.
Much to ad, in good time. ;-)

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