All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress) All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress)

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Did you ever dream about a dream car?
This is my dream of an unlimited amphibious car!

A hybrid Amphibious camper (motor home)
Amphibious  specks.

2,2 meter wide 6 meter long
10 cm deck around the vehicle

Behind the control cabin, on both sides:
   2 ladders from deck level to the roof
   2 vertical exhaust pipes
   Air out, water and oil cooling radiators on left side
   Right side fresh air in
   Front fresh air in

in-bottom: 0mm;">Radar on top ?? Why not? ;-)

4-wd with central diff lock
4 wheel steering
  1- normal mode rear steering is off
  2- auto mode steering opposite direction (small curve)
  3- hand steering with a leaver for the rear axle,
Double wishbone suspension system
    Computer controled air suspention  
    (all polyurethane bushings the same size)
    Retractable wheels
    Portal axles
    Tire inflation system

Big tires on aluminium rims  (bead-lock with run-flat)

400 hp engine or 600 hp ???  why not 600 hp?
Engine break system, on exhaust
Hybrid electric is 50 hp
8 speed automatic gearbox
High/low transfer gearbox with lock diff
Front and rear diff with diff locks
Bilge fire extinguisher system
2 pipes under the hull for engine water and oil cooling
Continental and English head lights selectable with a key-switch.
2 rear, 2 backup and 2 fog lights
Contour lights ;-)
4 big work lights on roof

Water-jet for high speed on PTO
2 retractable electric driven propellers for touring

Click on the jpeg below
to down load the DXF cad plans!

There made with Q-cad running on Ubuntu!

Dream Amphib

Small water cooled utility diesel
cooling through main engine radiator
    Charge the batteries for camping
    Generate power for the propellers
    Hydraulic power for the front and the back winches
    Provide heat and cooling (air condition) for interior

Dash board
      Control Lights and switches
      All the needed (legal) and (hybrid) lights and switches
      Fuel pumps on light
      Bilge pumps on lights
      Key switch for the Continental/English head lights!!!!

PLC screen behind steering wheel
            Speed of vehicle and distance
            Engine revs
            Hybrid drive info
            Level of the day fuel tank (80 litres)
            Navigation GPS device on left of driver
            Navigation GPS on computer in front of passenger
            Passenger computer has Internet,
            navigation and music files on LINUX system
            Rear view monitor centre top window
            Radar screen on top in center of the dashboard
5 ton winch in/on the front and 5 ton winch in/on the back

PLC (touch) screen on right low side,
layout in shape of vehicle:

         PLC screen one :
            Tire pressure
            Tire temperature
            Suspension level info,
            (off road, normal, low rider, water-mode)
            Levels of the axillary fuel tanks 2 x 500 litre
            Select fuel tank and start to pump fuel to day tank
            with auto shut off function
            Fuel consumption km/l - L/hour
         PLC screen two:
            Temperature cooling liquid engine in
            Temperature cooling liquid engine out
            Engine oil level
            Temperature oil engine in
            Temperature oil engine out
            Temperature in the bilge
            Temperature of the differentials
            Temperature of the transfer box
            Outside temperature
            Hybrid battery temperature
            Hybrid battery power
            Hybrid battery current

         PLC screen three:
            Info on the auxiliary diesel engine and components
            Info on the water tanks, fresh and Grey e.t.c.

Interior heating system:
   1 Warm air heater on diesel
   2 Warm water radiator heating on diesel
   3 Air condition on axillary diesel
   4 Air condition on main engine

Fresh water tank 2 x 100 litre
Grey water tank 100 litre also flushes toilet

Spare parts:

wheels/tyres two spares
suspension system incl. hydraulics, one spare system
polyurethane bushings 10 spare
wheel drive shafts one spare
Cross coupling engine drive shafts 4 spares

Sleeping quarters
   Window can be opened and slides side ways
   Some overall lights + 2 reading lights
   Bed electric adjustable
   Large TV monitor for film viewing from the main PC
   Roof window clear glass
   (for star viewing and emergence exit)
   (with shutters for insects, view, warm and cold isolation)
   Various storage cabinets on the walls
   Storage under bed access between shower and cabinet

   Window slides side ways to open
   Roof hatch
   3 pan cooker on diesel
   Warm water on diesel
   Hood, (ventilation)
   Compressor fridge
   Small micro wave oven
   Over head lights and beam lights

    Window can be opened slides vertical or horizontal
    Roof hatch
    Storage space
    Toilet stored under bed slides into shower through a
    waterproof hatch
    The toilet has a grinding pump to a waste tank and that
     tank has an injection pump to inject the waste water
     into the hot exhaust when running.
Eating table and seats:
    Window can be opened slides side ways
    Raised in hight with 3 drawers under the raised floor
    Over head lights and spot lights

On the right of kitchen is the main computer terminal desk
Contains the videos to watch in the evening (on the big screen)
Also video storage of the 8 on-board cameras
front, rear, sides to the rear, sides to the front,
driver interior and back interior.

But after a dream you wake-up!
But is that a bad thing?  :-)