All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress) All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress)
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photo made by  Wesley Brown and used with permision
Photo above taken by Wesley Brown on 29 May 2012 at the old Pounds scrap yard in Portsmouth.
    LARC LX #50 and BARC 16 were to be scrapped soon after January 2013. Read more below.

4 prototypes were build.
1-X, 2-X & 4-X are not on this world anymore.

One BARC prototype was sunk while being towed by an army tug from Monterey Bay to San Francisco Bay.
Two other prototypes have been scrapped.

barc proto
barc proto

BARC 2-X She was the second of the four prototypes.
She was scraped or she was sunken while on tow.
barc 2-X
barc 2-X
barc 2-X
barc 2-X

BARC 3-X, is the third of the four prototypes and the oldest survivor.

BARC 3-X was the training craft from 1953 to 1963 for BARC/LARC LX crews.
She made it into preservation at Fort Eustis. 
The U.S. Army Transportation Museum restored her and placed her in on display.

Google 37.164692,%20-76.576437

Google 37.164692,-76.576437
Barc 3-X
Barc 3-X
Barc 3-X
US Army Transportation Museum
300 Washington Blvd
Newport News, VA 23604
United States
55 BARC LX where build
but #57 is the highest number known to me.

LARC LX BARC 06 is lost in time

barc 06


She roles once a year to crush cars and things that people bring, like phones.
But OLD Nokia phones are forbidden :-)
36.140712, -86.733999

Google 36.140712, -86.733999
barc 8
barc 8
barc 8
Lane Motor Museum
702 Murfreesboro Pike,
Nashville, TN 37210
United States

LARC LX  BARC 16 is still in Portsmouth UK, see LARC LX 50

She  stands in the Trinidad Military Museum

10.683624, -61.614219

Google 10.683624, -61.614219
barc 18
barc 18
barc 18
Chaguaramas Military History
 & Aviation Museum
Chag Western Main Rd Chag 868-634-4391 Trinidad

LARC LX BARC 20 was the only unit in the fleet to get a total restoration, ???? (The first ???
it was disassembled, blasted ...  refurbished and in 2007 (up to now??)
for sale. $245,000
Not visible from the sky!
Where can she be?

In 2004 she was loaded on a ship in Gulfport Mississippi together with the LARC LX #54
barc 20
barc 20
barc 20
Florida Yacht Charters & Sales
390 Alton Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139
United States

LARC LX BARC 25 is for sale
41.755240, -70.711551

Google 41.755240, -70.711551
barc 25
barc 25
barc 25
Wareham Steamship Corporation
Marine Salvage and Rescue Equipment
58-72 Main Street
Wareham, MA 02571
United States


Possibly she was totally refurbished. (also ??)
Where can she be?

East Hampton
But I need more information!
barc 20

The designation was changed from BARC to LARC in 1960


In the Marshall Museum, the impressive Jaap de Groot collection can be found. (Jaap de Groot died in 2011). The complete Marshall collection, including the LARC LX, was moved in 2006 from Zwijndrecht to Overloon. LARC LX 33 has found again a nice place inside a large building.
51 34'12.5"N 5 57'29.7"E

Google 51.570139, 5.958250
Barc 33
Barc 33
Barc 33
Marshall Museum
Museumpark 1
5825 AM Overloon


In a true rusting place,
but she is still complete and fully operational.

39.032753, -76.304334

Google 39.032753, -76.304334
barc 40
barc 40
barc 40
Langenfelder Marine
400 Pier Ave
Stevensville, MD 21666
United States

photos Dennis R


Refurbished beyond dreams! at a cost of $ 2,500,000 in 1997

It is one of the three the US Army modernized in 1997, she was completely rebuilt with new more powerful and reliable hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors for water propulsion with two 300 gal hydraulic fluid tanks, new Rolls Royce Eagle 305 Turbo Diesels, air intakes with hydraulic fans, new radiators, alternators, pneumatics, electronics and hull modifications for less drag at the wheels and extra starboard crew cabin.

She has only 100 hours since those modifications.
AND she got a new coat of paint in 2013.

Sir, if you have to ask the price, you can not afford her. :-(

The location is a bit of a secret.
barc 43
barc 43
barc 43
She is fore sale at

2013 up to now


She was refurbished for $ 400,000
(It is on the internet so it must be true) :-) (easy to see looking at the controls,
they are old style so she was NOT)
Then sold to a civilian owner, who PLANNED to move building material to an island.
Never used, left standing near Fort Eustis ???? (that is a very different place on the map).
Then donated to the Military Museum where she is on display now.

29.980054, -81.653563

Google 29.980054, -81.653563
barc 46
barc 46
barc 46
The Military Museum
Bunker Ave
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
United States

LARC LX #50  (& BARC #16)

-- Not much for speed, but hell for stout -- That was once written onto the stern of #50.

The two vehicles (16 & 50) were for sale for years
for 48,000 English Pounds on the Pounds scrap yard on Portsmouth Harbour
The scrap yard was closed in 2009.
In November 2010 LARC LX 16 was set on fire. (starboard engine room).

They are the city`s sentinels for over two decades, but on 27th January 2013 the two huge amphibious vehicles were on the brink to be scrapped.
50.826292, -1.087996

Google 50.826292, -1.087996
barc 50
barc 16
barc 50 Portsmouth UK

After 2013
Not on those coordinates
any more.

Even after they have been moved photos pop up. Are they really scrapped ??
No, not yet scrapped, they have been moved, but the sentinels stuck their tires in the mud.
The army came with 100 soldiers who tried to moved them manually by dragging them off the mud, (tug of war).
In the end it took 4 solid days and they may be moved them 200 meters with the use of TWO of the biggest army wreckers. (info 4th July 2014 thanks Wesley).
There is a discussion going, WHETHER they will be scrapped or IF they get a place to rust.
Just a few photos of LARC LX 50 & 16 in different places/positions.

barc 1
barc 50 + 16
Photo from
used with permission

50.825370, -1.086660

Google 50.825370, -1.086660

Visible in the aerial view in May 2017 so not scraped at that time.


She was a working girl.
She did her work mostly around the island Islesboro (together with a second LARC LX #53)
Both sailed under the command of Captain Barrett
They moved drag lines, bulldozers, construction materials and very large objects around the island Islesboro.
Sea Truk LLC
Islesboro, ME 04848
United States
bar 52
bar 52

44.632866, -68.846130

Google 44.632866, -68.846130
For sale on Craigslist in January 2017 Still Visible in the Google aerial view in May 2017.

bar 52
bar 52
bar 52
bar 52
bar 52


She also was a working girl.
She did her work mostly around the island Islesboro (together with LARC LX #52)

barc 53
barc 53
barc 53
barc 53
barc 53


She is parked in Alvin, TX.  She was in 2006 (up to now?) for sale for $65,000
She is placed on blocks to keep the load of the tyres.

She was loaded together with the #20 in 2004 on a ship in Gulfport Mississippi
29.431197, -95.229047

Google 29.431197, -95.229047
barc 54
barc 54

Seven (7) x LARC LX in NEW YORK counting down, there are six (6) and they have been moved
NEW NY location and photos below.

40.606518, -74.195514
Google 40.606518,-74.195514


Old NY location and photos below.

Google 40.606822, -74.191595

Google 40.605422, -74.191095

7 x barc

on April 1999
23 USA army LARC LX where still in service
of the 55 original build ?

All information is as it is, just what I know and not necessarily up to date or even 100% correct.