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M 106 M 106 (1960)

The M 106 is a light weight, low-silhouette APC

Movement of the tracks propels and steers the vehicle on both land and water.

Used in Vietnam. It was one of the U.S. Army's first diesel powered vehicles.
Over 120 000 units built,
It is the most popular tracked vehicle ever built.

Sort-off a VW Beetle on tracks?

Made out of aluminium
Weight: 8500 kg
Speed land: 60 km/h
Crew:  four (wo)men.
M 113 A1 M 113 A1 (1965)

The M113A1 is an armoured, air portable, amphibious, tracked vehicle designed to provide ground forces, particularly the infantry, with in28 Feb 2014creased mobility and protection.
Speed(Combat Loaded) Land : 64 km/h
Speed(Combat Loaded) Water: 5.6 km/h
Range: 320 km

M 113 C&R M 113 C&R

The M113 C&R is a light reconnaissance and command vehicle.
It is tracked, armoured, air transportable, air-drop-able and amphibious.
It has a crew of three (driver/radioman/commander)

Engine: Detroit diesel GV53 212 hp.
Gearbox: Allison TX 100
length: 5000 mm
Speed land: 60 water: 5 km/h.
Weight: 9000 kg
Speed 60 km/h. on water 5 km/h.
Range land: 550 km
Builder = FMC.

A total of 25000 where build.

Picture was taken in the General G.C. Marshall museum in Zwyndrecht, Netherlands.

The museum has moved.

M114 M 114

Full-tracked, Amphibious Armoured Personnel Carrier.

The Manufacturer was Cadillac Motor Car Division of General Motors Corp.
Engine: Chevrolet 283-V8 Military; 8 cylinder V gasoline 160 hp
Transmission: Hydraulic Model 305MC, 4 speeds forward, 1 reverse
Steering: Allison GS 100-3, geared, clutch-brake, steering bar
Brakes: Multiple plate, oil cooled
Weight: 6846.2 kg
Length: is 4464 mm
Speed land: 58 water 9 km/h
Ground clearance 362 mm
Hull is made from Rolled aluminium
Fuel: 420 litre
M116 M 116.

Soft skinned amphibious cargo carrier used in the Korean war.

M 151 amphibious 8x8 see Bloodhound
No photo M 1931 A4E11

Vickers Carden Loyd Light Amphibious Tank M1931 A4E11

M 2  See EWK M2
M 29c  See the Weasel
M 3  See EWK M3
M548 M 548 / M1015 (1965)

The US M548 tracked cargo carrier is an un armoured, air-portable, amphibious tracked vehicle with an open-topped cargo compartment.

It belongs to the 113 family.

In 1982, M548A1 production replaced the earlier model. The M548A1 had improved suspension and cooling system. The M548s had cooling system problems.

Length: 5750 width: 2680 height: 2680 mm

Picture was send in by Douglas

No photo M 656 Amphibious see Ford M 656
M 76 see Pontiac Otter.
M706 V100 V150 M 706 V100 LAV-150

Used in Vietnam war.

Fully amphibious
Engine: 215 hp, or 191 hp Chrysler V8
Speed land: 115 water: 5.5 km/h
4x4, front wheels steering, solid beam axle
Semi-elliptical multi leaf spring,
Double hydraulic shock absorbers,
Range land: 800 km miles,
Range cross country: 640 km

The M9 Armoured Combat Earthmover (ACE) was designed to both breach and construct obstacles such as berms while under fire. The M9 rolls out of the factory unarmed, but in the field it is often fitted with a machine gun. These field-expedient weapons are obviously only of value while the vehicle is stopped, as the M9 only holds one crewman.

The vehicle is amphibious and comes equipped with two quadruple smoke dischargers and a 32 meter winch.

No photo M 973 see Hagglunds
MAKI MAKI (1965)

Made in Canada
1 cylinder engine connected via chain to a solid rear axle. It was registered for road use.

The vehicle was for sale at Ebay.

Info send in by Johannes Brudevoll

M.A.N 8x8

M.A.N 8x8

M.A.N 8x8
M.A.N.  8x8  (1940 1941)

"Spezial-Pionierfahrzeug" = "Specialized engineering vehicle"

Amphibious vehicle with a large winch which could pull an entrenching plough.

An other name I found was:

"Sperrfahrzeug" = "barrage vehicle"
4 prototypes were build from existing 8x8 Standard diesel (Achtrad-Einheits-Diesel) vehicles

2 M.A.N. 8X8 are in the background of the first photo.
Machanu amphibious craft prototype (2013)

Developed by the university’s faculty of engineering of Thailand.

It is a three-wheeled electric vehicle with a water jet.

Engine: electric
Gearbox: non

Weight: 250 kg
Load: 2 persons

Speed Land: 18 km/h water: ... km/h
Range land: 25 km water: 5-8 km

Equipped with life jackets, a rope and a lifebuoy tube.
Manatee Country Anti-Mosquito District Experimental Amphibious vehicle (1976)

Engine: Corvair

After one year work and a $ 1000 investment this machine was presented to the world,
only to lose a track in the first 5 minutes.

After that nobody has seen it again.
Mangazeya 8x8 Amphibious
Mangazeya 8x8 Amphibious Vehicle

Designed by Oleg Vasiliev and financed by STE Artic.

Engine: VW ??
Weight: 1750 kg load: 1250 kg
Speed: 50 km/h water: ?
Steering: first and fourth axle
Working temperature range: +30 to -50 degrees
Marmon Bocquet MB 800 Marmon-Bocquet MB 800, prototype (1970)

Engine:150 hp
Suspension: coil spring

Weight: 6100 kg
Load: 4400 kg

This amphibious vehicle was designed with unique attributes for use in the swamps and is used primarily for the transportation of personnel and geophysical survey teams. They are in production since 1970.

Marsh Master Marsh Master

The Marsh Masters are fully amphibious track vehicles with the capability to carry equipment and personnel. They are in production since 1983. An internal pontoon designed within a unique rubber belt track system makes for a very stable and high floating machine.

Marsh Master I has a 37 HP turbo diesel, floating load 1000 lbs.
Marsh Master II has a 95 HP turbo diesel, floating load 1500 lbs.
Marsh Master III has a 110/165 HP diesel, floating load 3000 lbs.

The URL was send in by Ron House.

Homebuild Martin Machine and Welding, Inc.  (2003)

Amphibious Vehicle

Engine: 80 hp Fiat Diesel
Triple Hydrostatic Pumps Hydrostatic motors drive the differentials.
It has power steering.
The Prop is steered and also driven by a hydraulic motor.

Not street legal unless as a tractor.

Vehicle was for sale at Ebay.

No photo MAV 46 or MDW see GAZ 46
Max IV Max IV

Manufactured in Buffalo, New York by Recreatives Industries, Inc.
This is a Model Max IV 900-T

Engine: 25 HP Kohler
Speed land: 50 water 6.5 km/h (with 26" tire)

Picture and info was send in by Ron House.

No photo
MBB prototype (1977)

A different name was Bavarian haven car it had a plastic body.

See the Europajeep MBB
No photo
Mi-Sha type 1

Japanese amphibious tank. No more intel.

Ka Mi is type 2
Ka-Chi is type 3
Ka-Sha is type 4
Ka-Tsu is type 4 also
To-Ku is type 5

Mitsui AST 001

Mitsui AST 001

Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding AST-001 (1978)
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding AST-001 (1978)

The development started in 1976

AST = "Archimedean Screw Tractor" or Amphiroll
It is amphibious and 2 units have been build.
Number 1 is lost in time.

Length: 3690
Weight: 1600 kg

It was tested at Saroma Lagoon in Hokkaido, Japan in February of 1979

From 1980 to 1981, the AST-001 was tested in marshy areas.

B&W photo of AST 001 & 002 are from Viking Mariners Magazine 1982.

Photos brought in by Jiri Tintera.
Mitsui roll 02

Mitsui 002

Mitsui roll 02

Mitsui roll 02

Mitsui roll 02
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding AST-002 (1979)

AST = "Archimedean Screw Tractor"
It is amphibious and 2 units have been build.
Number 001 is lost in time.

The AST-002 was tested in pack ice at Mombetsu facing Okhotsk Sea and Komuke Lagoon, both in Hokkaido, in February of 1980.
The AST-002 was brought to Prudhoe Bay in spring of 1981 for testing in as various ice conditions as possible, towing loaded sleds on ice roads and snow-covered ice on frozen sea.

Engine: 300 hp Air Cooled, 12 cylinder 4 stroke V type Deutz Diesel
Transmission: Fuller Hydrostatic
Material: Aluminium
Length: 8850 width: 5250 height 4000 mm
Speed On Ice: 11 water: 8 km/h
Bollard Pull: On Ice 10 000 kg max.
Bollard Pull: On water 1000 kg max.
Ice breaking capacity: 300 to 400 mm (some say 800 mm)
Weight: 10 800 kg
Crew: 5 max.
No photo
MOFAB See Chrysler MOFAB
Polywog Motion Industries
Motion Industies Polywog (1975)

It is a 3 wheel street legal amphibious bathtub.

Water propulsion by the rear wheels
Water steering by breaking one wheel

Piranha Mowag AG

Special page

Mowag also makes the Piranha family.

in 4x4 6x6 8x8 and 10x10 in to many versions.
Do take a look at the special page.

Multimobile Multimobile

You can find more about this machine in the museum of ROUTE6x6.

Picture used with permission from ROUTE6x6.

Muscateer Muscateer

You can find more about this machine in the museum of ROUTE6x6.

Picture used with permission from ROUTE6x6.

Musgrave Musgrave (2003)

Special page

Ron Musgraver mailed:
This is an Amphibious multi purpose Vehicle.
It propelled in the water by a jet drive.

With an all stainless steel body and frame it is virtually indestructible.
Not in production yet, I need backing.

Contact Ron at


US army photo

Muskrat XM 531 (1961)

Build by American Motors Co.

Engine: 127 hp
Gearbox: 4 + 1
Land speed 100 water: 3,5 km/h
No preparation needed but also no real water propulsion
Length: 4000 width: 2000 height: 1400 mm with the windscreen down
Weight: 2000 load: 900 kg
Torsion bar suspension, sealed breaks

Myark Myark (1999)

OK, you got me.

It is not self propelled.
But is an affordable alternative :)
You can drive it to the water and put your car on board. I was invented so that the inventor could float his mobile home on any water way while travelling New Zealand. Myark also makes folding trailer barges that can float up to 13.000 kg. and weighing less than 2200 kg.

The myark website is dead.
If you want to send E-Mail to the web master (Amphi)Hans Rosloot