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O-A-R O.A.R  (2012)

Other Alternative Road
340 Polaris
oar steering
small 6 Hp propeller

Info is from Ryan H.
Opperman Scorpion  (1943)

Opperman Scorpion  (1943)

Opperman Scorpion  (1943)
Opperman Scorpion (1943)

With a crew of one, no armament and no cargo capacity,
soft pneumatic tyres (vulnerable to gun fire). What was the use ever???

It had 8 wheels, middle 6 wheel where powered, front and rear wheel are free wheeling.
On a hard level road only 5 wheels are in contact with the ground.
For the wheel layout look at the photo's. I will not even TRY to put that layout into words!

There was no suspension and steering was done by breaking the 3 larger wheels on one side with a tiller.

Engine land: 4 cylinder Ford 24 hp water cooled engine, it was overheating!
Speed land: 40 km but constantly rocking fore and aft.

Engine water: Anzani outboard motor clamped to a bracket at the rear.
Speed water: slow and steering was hard.

The vehicle dug it self in with gravel or loose sand but it was very good at crossing ditches. But a small vertical bank will prevent the vehicle to come out of the water.

A mark 2 Scorpion with improved cooling and some suspension made it to the drawing table but was never build.

Similar vehicles are the Comet (1932) and the Licorne (1935)
Omni V-150 Omni International V-150-S (1995)

Amphibious 8X8 A.P.C.Combat Vehicle.
Built by Omni International Imlay City, Michigan.

Engine: V8 Diesel
Winch: 10,000 Lb. front
8 wheel drive
Crew: 3 + 8 troops

They al look alike. :-)
No photo Orbiter see Dobbertin Orbiter
No photo Orion see Schafer Orion
OT 62 OT-62 (1962)

I wish that all military vehicles where painted this way!

Engine: 6 cylinder supercharged diesel
Speed land 60 km/h
Length: 7008 width: 3225 height: 2725 mm
Weight 5000 kg
In water it is propelled by two hydro-jets

OT 64 (1960)

OT 64 (1960)

OT 64 (1960)
OT-64 (1960)

Build in Poland and Czechoslovakia. It was an alternative to the Russian BTR which were the infantry had to exit through hatches in the roof. The OT-64 has doors in the rear.

In the "East" this Amphib is know as "Skot" and it is based on the TATRA 813, produced in Poland and Czechoslovakia, exported to many countries of "east block": for example Morocco, India, Kampuchea, Sudan and Iraq. Still in use in these countries as rescue and police vehicle.

Engine: diesel, W-8, TATRA 928-14. Power: 132 kW (180 HP).
Length: 7400 width: 2550 height: 2060 mm
Speed land: 94 water: 9 km/h.
Weight: 14300 kg.
Fuel: 320 litre
Range: 710 km
Crew: 2 + 18 troops
Suspension: coil springs and dampers.
It has two propellers behind the rear wheels.

OT 65 OT-65

The OT-65 is an Czech made amphibious scouts car. It is the Czech version of the Russian made BRDM-2.

This particular vehicle is used as a radiological/ chemical reconnaissance vehicle.

The OT-65 uses a crew of 4 persons with the driver and commander sitting in the front. Each has to his front a windscreen which is covered in combat by an armoured hatch.

The crew enters the vehicle through 2 roof hatches. In case of an emergency there is a round escape hatch at the underside of the vehicle.

Otter caravan

Otter caravan
Otter Caravan (camper trailer) (1955)

Ronald Sams, Inventor 1917-2002, produced the first floating caravan.
Sams and Alan Eckford, build between 1957 and 1966 about 200 Otters.

Engine: outboard 3 hp
Length: 5000 mm width: 2000 mm
Colour: blue and white
It was built of marine plywood the reinforced roof can be used as a sun deck

Once afloat, it can cruise at four knots, holding up to six passengers.

A winch is mounted on the trailer to haul the Otter back onto land.

The improved 1959 Model "Otter tourer"
Can be propelled by a 3 hp outboard motor, at five knots,
No photo Otter M76 see Pontiac Otter.
Otocar Cobra

Otocar Cobra
Otocar Cobra (2002)

Made by Otocar in Turkey, the COBRA armoured platform and mechanical components come from AM General Hummer.

Engine: GM V8 water cooled turbo charged diesel
Gearbox: 4 speed automatic
Transfer-box: 2 speed high and low
It is a full-time 4x4 with diff. locks
Speed land: 115 water: 8,2 km/h
Fuel: 110 litre
Electrics 24 Volt
It has a hydrostatic water propulsion system, trim vane, Bilge pumps and a hybrid cooling system.
The brakes are servo assisted hydraulic disks.
The side slope is 40% max. the departure 70 % and the max. approach 70 %.

Info and pictures are send in by Jean-Claude Bonnaud / Afrique Automobile

Platypus OZ amphibian Platypus (2004)

Special page

Made by OZ amphibian in Australia.
The donor is the Suzuki Jimny.

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