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rhino marsh buggie
rhino This is something René and I realy like:
The Rhino from 1954. Also known as the Polywog.
Made in Indianapolis USA by Marmon-Herrington-Company for Marsh use.
rhino Runs everywhere.
Engine 110 hp, 20 litre diesel consumption on 100 km.
Weight 5 tons. 5,7 m long, 2,85 m wide and 2,95 m high.
Made of aluminium.
The back wheels steer and it is indeed 4 wheel drive.
rhino Does 72 km/h on road maximum, but it was forbidden to drive faster than 40 km/h.
In the water it did about 8 km/h.
rhino Water propulsion by chain driven jet drive (Kermatth Hydro jet) behind the rear axle. The nozzle can rotate 360 degrees for steering and reverse.
rhino The special wheel construction made it nearly impossible to let it fall on its side.
rhino Even when the hang was 75% steep.

All the Photos on this page where send in by René Pohl the author of the book
 "Mit dem Auto baden gehen", soled out