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These are the ones I need a bit of help with! I can use all the help I can get.
This is a private non profit web site .
(A HOBBY so it cost me money)

Russian tracks

Russian tracks
Unknown Russian amphibious vehicle

From a Pathe video with the name:

   >>Russian amphibious vehicle 1960<<

Looks like it has the tracks of a PT 76 +-(1952) and also 2 water jets like the PT 76

popular mechanics

popular mechanics
Popular Mechanics January 1940

Amphibious bus with 3 road wheels, 2 propeller, 1 water wheel

She is an old before WWII amphibious tour bus

Maybe the firsts one ever?


sideview of the unknown
Greg has asked me:
Any ideas what this machine is. 4 tracks, 2 unit. Articulating, hydraulic drive. Any help would be appreciated.

Then Steve send me photos of his fully functional vehicle.
But on the manufacturer plate only the word manufacturer can be read.
  Also a word that looks like FOHKSIC--- or FOPHRSIO---

She was build in 1979 that is clear, uses a ford 4 cyl. industrial motor to power the hydraulic pump.
Drives and handle like a Hagglunds, all the motors, pump, hoses, engine, tracks and everything else can be purchase pretty much anywhere they are common in many parts stores.

Steve is living in Yukon, Canada, so chance is good that is Canadian made.


china 01

china 02
It is a true 8x8 with the front and rear axle steering.

Build in China
there is a video on YouTube and that is all I know.

Produced in Shandong Province, China

I like to know:
the vehicle name:
and manufacturer name:
engine name, size and hp
gearbox name, gears etc.
transfer- box name, gears etc.
transmission: is it hydraulic etc.
weight and load
water-jet name and size
number of seats and what ever somebody can dig up

1962: Land Rover FV 18601

was found!

The info was send in by Joseph Benedetto


I give it a 50 % chance that it is 100 % amphibious

Every vehicle is 50 % amphibious.
You can drive any vehicle into the water.

It is driving out of the water that makes the other 50 % :-)

Yes, the website mentioned on the photo is dead.

I also seek photo's of  Hannes Trippel amphibs:
( SG 6 1941 Russian swamp version with a big roller in the back )
( The Eurocar )
( T74-Universal )
( T74-Military )
( T-77-Universal )
( Trippel/Muller )

I will mention the name of the person that gives me information.
Just like I always did.
Unless you ask me loud and clear not to mention your name.
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