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UAZ - 469 (2007) homebuilt in Warsaw, Poland.

Adam has told me:
It goes on water quit well.
There is a problem with engine over heating in the summer.

I have a winch installed that is very helpful with getting out of the water

The problem of overheating was solved.
I use two powerful ventilators and additional radiator.

Speed Land: 90 km/h
Speed Water: 7.5 km/h

The temperature of cooling water is 90 C. No oil radiator.
Water heat exchanger for swimming. Temperature in engine bay is 35-40 C

I have installed 4 bilge electric bilge pumps and 1 hand bilge pump.

The water leaks in are now reduced to 3-4 litre per swimming hour.



UNI-CAT (2003)

The UNI-CAT was an Amphibious Track able 8x6 WD (off-road), 4x2 WD (on-road) street legal vehicle.

Engine: in the rear
Speed land:
Length: 3900 width: 1900 height: 1200 mm
Weight: 1100 load: 1200 kg
Fuel: 208 litre

It has:
Fully adjustable independent suspension
Compressed air as standard
A 40 litre portable water tank
A removable load deck that converts into a 1800 x 1200 mm trailer
LHD and RHD steering ports
It has two side lockers (2400 x 3200 mm)
Dual batteries
Dual radiators
Fold-flat windscreen
Quick release roll bar

The rear seat back folds flat to seal of the cockpit area when the vehicle is left unattended.
It is built entirely of folded metal sheets, using CAD CAM or manual operation.
Most components are reversible left/right or top/bottom to ensure great redundancy and parts utilization.

The trike (the one in front of the line up)
is actually the UNI-CAT emergency vehicle.
It uses the trailer (which is the load bay deck), with the auxiliary engine.

The seats, wheels and most other things are already on the UNI-CAT (for example, the foot rest is actually the muffler cover) so there is next to no weight penalty for having this capability.




Unicar  (1985)

It is a prototype build from Unimog parts.

The Unicar is a 4x4

Engine: 115 hp 4 cylinder Benzine or Diesel
Gearbox: 5 Forward 1 Backward
Transfer-box: 2 gears
Speed land: 100 water: 10 km/h
Length: 4450 width: 1940 height: 1980 mm
Weight: 2200 load: 2600 kg
Range 480 km

The tire control by the driver from the cockpit permits tire pressure between 0,4 - 1.8 atm.
Brakes Dual circuit hydraulic brakes
Water Drive Propeller 400 mm
front view

door and interieur


winch on front
Unikat (build in the DDR between 1983 and 1985)

But it was in 1987 that it was presented at the Erfurter Motor Show.

Engine: gearbox: Skoda MB1000 unit
The half-axles go through the wheel arch outward and from there by chain-drive to the rear wheels
The rear wheels are basically 2 rear motor cycle suspensions
Front wheels: suspension Lada (wider but not driven)
Chassis: a metal self supporting construction.
Hull: GPA (fibreglass)
Fuel tank: 52 litre

Water drive: propeller driven through a claw clutch from the ¨front¨ of the engine

Winch: belt driven by the engine through a small gear (12:1)

I lost the quality photos when my cloud backup went up in smoke.
If somebody can send me anything better, I will be a little more happier than now. ;-)

engine Winch hood rear wheels

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