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Augustus 2016

At the Amphib2016 31 Juli-7 August a Dutton sank in 90 meter deep water>
Captain and passenger got safe out of the vehicle.
It was the fist accident in 30 years history at the yearly amphib event.
But not the first accident in the histary of Dutton.

29 Dec 2015

I will pick up my life again.
Starting NOW

04 Nov 2014

Had to sell Nemesis because of health reasons.
Even working on the Amphiclopedia is very hard

The still incomplete history of Nemesis is here

09 Sept 2014

29 year old bug found in 2,9l Amphi Ranger wiring diagram by Rene Pohl.

The 2,9l AR gives a 29 error (speed sensor) that sensor is original connected to pin 4
Because of the error the engine runs always in secure mode
in that mode the engine has 20% less power

In the Ford manual (same engine) the speed sensor is connected with pin 3

Rene swapped the VSS wire from pin 4 to 3.

The test drive popped up no more errors!!! Everything is fine now!

That is crazy!

This problems is s not caused accidentally by a wiring mechanic but
by the engineer who has mixed up the CPU pins in the wiring diagram!

This is essential! It means ALL 2,9l AR do have this VSS problem!

15 March 2014

Gibbs Amphibians has signed a deal with a Singapore defence contractor and a commercial vehicle builder to put its super sized amphibious vehicle into production for use in emergency response and disaster relief efforts.
Gibbs truck
Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mait Nilson has ended his Amphibear around the world trip.

Mait Nilson has kept a Blog there !!!!!!
Amphibear world tour
26 November 2013

Dutch Amphibious Transport (DAT) has a new Amphib >>> The Amphicruiser <<<

It is not a big bus, this one has the size and the parts of a Landcruiser
Dutch Amphibious Transport (DAT)
03 September 2013

Amphibear plans an around the world trip.

For more day to day info look on http://www.amphibear.com/

Mait Nilson keeps a Blog there !!!!!!

Amphibear world tour
20 January 2013

Amphi-ranger number 3 found after 20 years in cellar.

OK, it is a large cellar of the Technical University in Delft Netherlands.

It was parked there for 20 years.
The private owner was planning a restore but never made a real start.

No 3 is the oldest real Amphi-ranger, the other 2 where real prototypes.
She was build in 1983 as a demonstration model
After two years converted to the specifications of 1985.
then brought to England to serve as a demonstration model.

Therefore this Amphi-ranger shows in many leaflets etc.
After a year she was sold by the factory to the man that parked her in the Netherlands after a few year of use on the river Thames and on the roads of London.

Amphi-Ranger Cellar Find
25 November 2012


Iveco has taken the Terramare concept under it's wings.

The amphibious fire-truck RAVx6 ?Duffy? Magirus and the amphibious "Daily"
are now produced in the Iveco factory.

I can not give you any price info but I do know:
The sock under the mattress has not enough coins in it.

Iveco Magirus

Iveco Daily
25 October 2012

The Gibbs Quadski ATV is production ready!!!!!

You can place an order on the "Quadski
They will deliver in December 2012" !!!!!!!
But only in the USA, Europa has to wait until 2014!

Maybe just a little thing, the price is $40,000 !!
11 February 2012

The Gibbs Humdinga II is production ready!!!!!

Neil Jenkins, Chairman Gibbs Technologies says:
"You can place an order on the "Humdinga II" now we will deliver in 2013" !!!!!!!

The price ?? Sir if you have to ask you can afford!!
09 February 2012

Neil Jenkins Chairman Gibbs Technologies says:
Gibbs has an Amphitruck to sell the Gibbs Phibian !!!!!!

"You can place an order on the "Phibian" now we will deliver in 2013"

I (Amphihans) have looked at the old sock under the bed and that will not hack it. ;-)

In the past I all ready have offered my left nut,
but I have been told that mister Gibbs does not accept that kind of currency. ;-)

Gibbs Amphtruck
07 February 2012

The 2 guys that where trying to get 2 Duttons road legal in Germany gave up!
There web site is sadly down www.amphijeep.de
after threats with legal action from Tim Dutton!!

23 January 2012

I just found out about the Coastal Riverine Overland Craft (CROC)
a Filipino-designed high speed amphibious, all-terrain vehicle
It still is in prototype stage!

Coastal Riverine Overland Craft
13 January 2012

Iguana Yachts Company they came into production stage with there speedboat with tracks.

speedboat with tracks
14 December 2011


The new generation amphibious vessels will be between seven and 12 metres in length, capable of taking up to 5000kg of weight.

With the heavier load capacity, Sealegs expects the vessels to be used in the commercial and industrial market. It will also be targeting new customers in global military and public service markets.

14 September 2011

The amphibious caravan build by Sealander in Germany is production ready.

Sealander on the road
08 June 2011

Mike Ryan build an amphibious Ice Cream car

Ice Cream car
08 May 2011

The first Iveco Terramare has left the factory
The hull is build out of stainless steel.
This new Amphib is produced with the Iveco trade mark
and Iveco assistance and Iveco warranty.

Water propulsion by a hydro jet.
Full time 4WD, 3 differentials (all 3 manually lockable).
4 disc brakes.
Front and rear independent axles.
Engine is Iveco 3.000 turbo diesel 176 HP.
20 October 2010

Dutton has a new amphibious model the Surf.

On his web site he writes:

Until now we have been using the 11 year old moulds and
modifying each car to accept the later Jimny components,
a perfectly satisfactory solution but cost and time consuming.

The old moulds where made for the leaf spring Suzuki Samurai!
The Suzuki Jimny is a coil spring vehicle.!
That sounds so much Dutton to me. ;-)

He also has a new URL for his website.

22 July 2010

After the latest hearing at Kendal County Court in June 2010
Tim Dutton is finally made to pay compensation or face arrest.

We are talking criminal compensation and not a refund for the vehicle!

Yes, it is still about the "Floating Coffin" he tried to pass as a tour vehicle.
More at www.amphijeep.info

Using a Java script photo viewer that makes it
possible to view more than one large photo at the same time.

And I went Metric on the Amphiclopedia.

RED is Imperial

28 April 2010

Zhejiang Kingpower Vehicle Manufacture Limited
makes an 8x8 ATV that was for a short while advertised as street legal in Germany.

Any way as far as I know the street legal part is now a tractor plate!
14 March 2010

The AmphiTruck website is back online! www.amphitruck.com/
06 Feb 2010

Finally somebody who tries to stop Tim Dutton
an action I fully support see >>>>>> >>>>> 
I am an owner of an amphibious Dutton and after much work:
What I have done can be found HERE.
It is not what I expected from a man with over 40 years car building experience!
Please read: http://www.amphijeep.info
If you are think about an amphibious vehicle!
10 Oct 2009

NEW EUROPEAN RULES!!!! after May 2009.

SVA, is Singe Vehicle Approval. NOW named IVA

More info here update 2012.
24 Apr 2009 China The Beijing (Baiyun) Boatcar

Has an amphibious 6x6 TRUCK in production see

www.boatcar.net it is build on the base of a 6x6 Dong Feng truck

http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/3614890.Sussex_businessman_s___30k_bill/ http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/7575208.stm

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