This history file was to long, so I cut the 1999 to 2007 years. To see them click her
I have made a page for UNKNOWN amphibious vehicles.
That are the ones I need a bit of help with!

I can use all the help I can get.   This is a private web (size 1.5Gb)     Without any advertising.

(It's a A HOBBY and it costs me money)
To modify
To change
I lost count.
When I find Amphibs that are not listed here I will put them on the Amphiclopedia.

First I do what enters by email. Second I work from my own archives.

26 Oct 2016 Added the Sherp

Also got a new computer, hoping NO MORE HD crashes, but with in 2 days the backup HD gave in.

28 Aug 2016 New info and error correction on the Ter-O-Sno (1967)

27 Aug 2016 Added the HEKING amphibious excavators
26 Aug 2016 The Unknown Land Rover FV 18601 is no longer unknown.
Modifying the code took me almost 2 hours but I have done it.
04 march 2016 I was working on the Higgins Beachmaster, Mudhopper, Swamp Buggy, March Buggy, Swamp Catand the Tank Swamp Skipper
Then the computer did a reset by it self and fail to boot again.
I lost what I had on those Higgings amphibs. So I take a little ZEN time now.
13 Feb 2016 Added the Zhejiang Kingpower KPAV 01 and the KPAV 03
04 Feb 2016 Correcting mistakes mostly in the HTML

I was so stupid in using an HTML editor on a few pages
It changed some of the links to a location on my home computer. ;-(
And it without me knowing it made a new directory with some photos in it.
That way the Amphiclopedia was working OK when I was looking at it from my home computer.
I exhausted and spending time on something so stupid is such a waist of energy.
20 Jan 2016 Added good photos to the Trolleyboats, YES after 13 year I finaly have them
Thanks to Andy Langesfeld who send me the link
Established-Independent-Duck-Tour-Business-Amphibious-Boat-and-City-Tour-Miami an Ebay advert.
15 Jan 2016 Correcting mistakes mostly in the HTML
But if you know what I mist or have mistaken please tell me.
10 Jan 2016 Added the Gibss Biski (2015)
added in fo on the BAZ-5921 / 9P129
09 Jan 2016 Added the GMC 4x4 Amphi Truck (194X)
30 Dec 2015 Added Photos to the Toyota home build bus (2011)
28 Dec 2015 Working on the Amphiclopedia is still hard.
Working on Nemesis WAS too hard, so she is GONE.
Added an external link for Poland slipways.
04 Nov 2014 Working on the Amphiclopedia is hard.
Working on Nemesis TOO hard, so she is for sale.
If you are interested look at the top of the news section (was soled).
19 Aug 2014 Added Photos and info to the EWK Bison
17 Aug 2014 Added Bertone Suzuki Go (1972)
15 Aug 2014 Added photos to the BAW BJ 5022 HZHE, the Kamfibie and the Ihtiander.
14 Aug 2014 Replaced the photos on the Trippel Kolonial-Pioneer military version with some new ones.
and corrected more than a few mistakes all over the place.
25 July 2014 Added BARC 43 to the BARC rusting page but she has NO rusty spot on her.
17 July 2014 Added a few more boats with wheels.
08 July 2014
Added the VW SeeGOLF and the rusting places page of the BARC/LARC is more or less ready.
01 July 2014 Started with a list/page of rusting places of BARC´s  HERE
27 June 2014 Worked on the Solo 750, the BARC and the Sirene
23 June 2014 Added Georges Irat Voiture du Bled (1953)
21 June 2014 Added the Kudryachkova Karulina (196X) and Solo 750 photos
13 May 2014 Added 2 Kazanka Amphibs
12 May 2014 Added the Ampha +- 1960 from Moscow
11 May 2014 From the unknown now added the Bovykina & Ihtiandra 1 (1979) and a new unknown
09 May 2014
Added 3 old Russian vehicles to the unknown page
03 May 2014 Added the Lite Technolegies March Tracker
Working on Evans Orukter Amphibolos
21 Apr 2014 Working on Trippel, I found much info on the Euro-jeep & I changed some photos on the LWS 1 & 2.
18 Apr 2014 Added Paul Satko Amphib (1930)
!7 Apr 2014 Working to correct my mistakes on the Trippel Amphibs
16 Apr 2014 Added DWCE Swamp thing.
Moved the Amphicruiser to  Dutch Amphibious Transport Amphicruiser
14 Apr 2014 Added 2 amphibs to the Unknown page
11 Apr 2014 Added the Batignolles-Chatillon DP 2 (1935 - 1936)
10 Apr 2014 Added the Advanced Amphibious Design T-DucW  Tour-amphibian (2014)
09 Apr 2014 Added the Nami 32  G, M and S prototypes. (1957 to 1961)
08 Apr 2014 Added ZIL-136  (1957)
07 Apr 2014 Added the Pokrovka (1963)  (She has no name so I have given here one, the name of her village Pokrovka)
06 Apr 2014 Laid my ZIL Blue Bird egg (more and even more correct info and more drawings and photos)
25 Mar 2014 Update on Nemesis a new chapter ¨The final insult¨
24 Mar 2014 Updating the ZIL 5901 = PEU 2
21 Mar 2014 Update on My Amphib, started a new page -- working on VAZ and ZIL
17 Mar 2014 Added the Tempo Daus 214 from 1956 and still working on ZIL, GAZ, BAZ e.t.c
15 Mar 2014 Working on ZIL Amphibs and I´m drowning in all the input. ;-)
11 Mar 2014 Working on GAZ and BAZ adding some photos and correcting mistakes.
09 Mar 2014 Update on Nemesis
06 Mar 2014 Working on the BAZ vehicles even more numbers.
01 Mar 2014 Added the Sperry Rand Wedge 296
Working on the GAZ vehicles - number after number :-(
Vladimir Putin has given the order to drive me nuts, he succeeded. ;-)
28 Feb 2014 Added the Machanu a three-wheeled electric Amphib with the size of a water jet.

I have now a HIDDEN account on FaceBook
The reason is that I have joined the Facebook group called Amphibious Vehicles.

ME on Facebook, well I have always known that Amphibs wood be my downfall. :-)
03 Feb 2014 Added a better photo of the wave, but still not much info.
Modified the navigation bar and split some of the to large pages to smaller pages.
But I do not have the energy to work on Nemesis.
31 Jan 2014 Found more info on the Katomobil
And one unknown amphib is now known and added as the Kama
30 Jan 2014 Added the Katomobil on a tip from Claude
17 Jan 2014 Added info and photo on Gary Sloat Buggie (Aquabug)
14 Jan 2014 Added the Toyo Bus
13 Jan 2014 Added the Unikat
08 Jan 2014 Added a photo the the BARC and improved on the quality of 2 photos in BARC China
19 Dec 2013 Added photos and corrected info on the Aqua-Cheetah.
16 Dec 2013
Added the Alvis Supacat.
10 Dec 2013
Update on Nemesis part 14. The PTO is on hold, first I have to fix bilge-pump hoses.
28 Nov 2013 Added a nice Weasel photo     Thanks to Van
26 Nov 2013 Added a new Amphib: the Amphicruiser     Thanks to Rene for the info!
11 Nov 2013
Additional info on the 1979 amphibian in the unknown section
05 Nov 2013
Added a photo to the unknown section same as the one from 23 October but now a good side view.
Added the Gulf Marsh Buggy (to G)
04 Nov 2013
Added 4 German slipways.
I put all my backups on ONE great pile.
Now I have to find out what I lost and what I have double!
Started with the A and I put on the site what ever I find
so I added a few boats with wheels and the Higgens Swamp Vehicle.
23 Oct 2013 Added an Amphib to the unknown page
06 Sept 2013 Added 9 Dutch slipways.
03 Sept 2013 Amphibear plans a world tour, see the news section!
01 Sept 2013 Had my backup archive in the cloud and synchronized to a second computer!
That worked OK for 2 years
Now I found out that 50% of the deeper directories where empty.
Still got 3 more backups on hard drive but they are older.

Well at least it is gething cooler again, so I can sleep a bit more at night,
that way I have a bit more energy in the day.
12 Aug 2013 Added one Amphibian to the UNKNOWN page.
16 July 2013
Did some updates on the boots with wheels page found under the B
the info came from Olivier.
19 June 2013
update on: THROUGH HELL AND CALM WATER -- part Fourteen !!!!!!
17 June 2013
The list of ZAM Amphibs is ready (for the moment :>)
Added the Manatee Country Anti-Musquito District Exerimental Amphibious vehicle (1976)
Added the Brobv 941 (1970) bridge layer
added Ram-I 1.25 ton 4x4 amphibious, air-droppable
11 June 2013
Working on the Maurizio Zanisi  AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLES Build BY ZAM S.A.S.
10 June 2013
We moved to a new apartment!
That is almost done now, so I start modifying and adding the info on this site
27 March 2013
Sold my soul to the advertisement industry!!
13 March 2013
Added the Flamingo and the O-A-R,  both of them are real fun Amphibs.
12 March 2013
Added new photos to the Boots on Wheels special page
Added a sponsored message to the Books Technical English.
11 March 2013
I was a bit to worn out to make html code on 1 March.
Tony made me see the errors I made, BIG thanks.
01 March 2013
Made an update yesterday night just before 12;00 on the HELL & HIGH WATER pages.
So I can say I kept my promise I made on 28 January. ;-)
08 Feb 2013
Added some info to the Orbiter
28 Jan 2013
Much energy goes into moving to a new apartment in April/May

But I did an update on the Pinguin, the Trippel Aqua-Terra II  and the Karl Mayer.
Slow progress on Nemesis
I will make an update on the Hell and High water pages in February.
15 Dec 2012
Added some BARC info on the Vietnam page.
02 Dec 2012
Added the Walking Barge (1947)
Work on Nemesis goes slow, maybe just 15 min a day but an update is under way.
01 Dec 2012
Iveco Sealand is under the wings of Iveco
16 Nov 2012
Added 2 photos to the Amphitruck
14 Nov 2012
Added the Marmon-Bocquet MB 800 and did some work on the Sealand.
11 Nov 2012
Added the Gary Sloat buggy and the Shanghai Lannmarker fire fighter and/or medical unit
Xingtai Threer  Brait 10 x 10
31 Oct 2012
Just cleaning up the mess I made before.
29 Oct 2012
Added Sergei Khalzev Beaver, the Cami responder and the Darpa
26 Oct 2012
Working with a new HTML Editor "BlueGriffon"
Added  the  Batignolles-Chatillon
15 Oct 2012
Modified the Lockheed Terra Star and the Volvo BV202 Snowcat.
09 Oct 2012
Added the Iguana 24' and the Iguana prototype, thanks again to Claude.
Received an email from Gilles Poncin he has a brand new website about the Poncin vehicle history.
12 Sept 2012
Worked on the Hell & High water pages part Twelve.
For the rest did I some small changes.
02 Sept 2012
Have been to Amphib2012 in Norway.
Needed a bit of rest afterwards.
I have the photos online and did a little bit of work on the slipway pages.
12 June 2012
Moved the Citrôen amphibious submarine from 1935 to Nautilus 1935
The engine is a Peugeot not a Citrôen
27 May 2012
Added the Nautilus amphibious submarine from 1960
I had it mixed up with the Citrôen amphibious submarine from 1935
But after receiving a photo from the 1935 Citrôen from Uzdil I saw the big picture. ;-)
19 May 2012
Added the GY 8.5 m Amphibious Boat and the Sea Lion.
16 May 2012
Added 2 new photos to the LPT 400
15 May 2012
Added the CMC Magnetics Thru Bus
09 May 2012
Back to where I was: (deep shit)
Added to the photo pages of the Amphib2001 a load of photos made by Rene.
05 May 2012
What did went wrong was that I did to much work on Nemesis
So I went into "I do nothing for a few days mode" anyway that was the plan.

Then on a Saturday morning at 4:00 I did wake-up with a wet elbow.
So my next thought was    
>>>>>> "WATER-BED LEAK!! BIG PROBLEM!!!!" <<<<
If you had told me: You will be at IKEA at 9:00 on a Saturday morning.
Then I wood have died laughing.
Also an interesting solution to the problem but not the one I prefer. :-)

Luckily most people at IKEA came for the 1 Euro breakfast. !!!!
We took the mattresses with us and the bed was delivered the next Monday (3 floors UP!!!!!!!)

Then I took the old bed apart and in the next 3 days we moved the parts down to the ground floor storage.
Normally the max up and down the stairs is 3 times a day for me (without much load that is)

Anyway the new water LESS bed sleeps OK.
And I'm getting back to my normal (not so good) self.
(after about 31 days) ;-|)
01 March 2012
Did some work on the BARC.
I'm not in shape so the update on Nemesis has to wait until the work is further done.
23 Feb 2012
Added the 2006 Jos Event to the Photopage, Photos where made by Nick.
Did what I can do on Nemesis, about an hour a day, page upade will be made soon!
17 Feb 2012
I have put all the photos of al the varius Amphibxxxx events after digital (photos) in the photo pages.
Still have some smaller events to add to the list.
I hoop to receive more photos from the before 2000 (digital)  events.
11 Feb 2012
Added the Gibbs Technologies Humdinga II and the Gibbs Technologies Phibian
08 Feb 2012
Added photos of the Iveco "Tender to Exuma" send in by Claude from France.
Have been working on the G page.
07 Feb 2012
Added the Tatra 801 info thanks to Jan
and thanks to Nick photos of the Amphib2005 in Sweden
01 Feb 2012
Added more news
New Amphib proto the Coastal Riverine Overland Craft
Working on the Photo Page previous known as the dirlist
Thanks to Rene, Theus, Nick, Butch, Alberto, HG and David I have something to show!
Updated and cleaned the index page (work long overdue)
I found 1 more donor to support the Amphiclopedia
Did much work on Nemesis and I will make an update in this month.
13 Jan 2012
Added the Tatra 801 and 807 (I need more info on them)
Added new photos for the Iguana Yachts Company
Working on the old dirlist reworking it to many html photo pages
If you want to sponsor this website you can order photos in larger format.
14 Dec 2011
Added news from Sealegs and updated the Sealegs entry.
13 Dec 2011
Corrected a big error on the GAZ-62P with the help of Maclou from France !!!!

Working on the Vityaz amphibs and on the DATV vehicles
20 Nov 2011
Found the DuckDuckGO search engine that does not collect or share personal information
And does not asks me for $$$ to have a search bar on the Amphiclopedia!
15 Nov 2011
Added the Bristol Bush Swamper
10 Nov 2011
Working (photos) on the Mitsui-AST-003, Chrysler Amphirolls, Pontiac 0tter,
Added a NON amphib the Suzuki Vitara because to many people think it is an amphi!!!!
Corrected the errors on the SEEP GPA and added a few photos
04 Nov 2011
Worked on the Land-Master, moved the Terra Star to Lockheed Terra star
Working on the Zil 135, Poncin amphibs and the normal error and spelling correction thing.
31 Oct 2011
Added a photo of the swampmaster, and 1 photo of the DAF/Bakker amphirol
Added the Defi Beach Buggy
Put the Chrysler Prototype for Canadian military (1969) on the right page and added many photo's and info
Worked to get more sense out of the Trippel amphibs.
28 Oct 2011
Added photo's and info on the Corvette Week-End (1966),  a cut open photo of the Canadair Fisher
Added extra photo's of the Canadair  Dynatrac
Added the Chevrolet Sidewinder (1964) prototype
Added the Chevrolet Tactical Articulated Swimmable Carrier (TASC) (1965)
Added info on the Cara Cruiser
26 Oct 2011
Added more info and photo's on the Gull XM 148 and the Humber Hexonaut GS 6x6
Added the Frandee Sea Wolf.
18 Oct 2011
Added some NEW Gray boot photo's
03 Oct 2011
Working on Nemesis, see the my amphib page back to hell part.
And yes, I have cried!
I took some things apart and now I'm thinking.
14 Sept 2011
Added the ALL NEW Sealander Caravan, and photos and intel on the Iveco Marconi.
11 Sept 2011
Moved the boat with wheels" build by Kean Foo to his right place "The Gray boat" so under G it is now.
08 Sept 2011
Came back from vacation 2 weeks ago, I took Nemesis to the Amphib2011.
Nemesis came back in better shape than me. But  that was to be expected.
So now I recover slowly again. But still much work to do on Nemesis

I put photo's of the 2011 Cannobio and the Amphib2011 event in the

I added the "boat with wheels" build by Kean Foo.

Cardox limeted is no more and is removed from the production list (sad day)

19 July 2011
Worked to much on the slipway pages.
Got the Netherlands 80 % done
Belgium is harder they have no street view jet but it is moving in the right direction
France is big and so is Germany so slow progress there
And I have added the home build Suboataru.
08 June 2011
Started the Slipway list page and made a good start with the list of DUTCH slipways
Added the Mike Ryen Amphibious Ice Cream car
12 May 2011
Update on The Amphibian or The Vehicle (1996) with 4 more photos!
09 may 2011
Added Photos and intel on the FIRST IVECO Terramare!
Some movement on the unknown Amphib page Maclou suggested the 8x8 to be the GAZ-62P
02 May 2011
Added a new page, about my dream amphib with a CAD drawing that I made when my condition was better.
25 April 2011
Got a factory name for the China amphibs!  "Hongjun Amphibious research centre"
So I moved them to the new location under "H"
Added a photo to the Amphicoach, a Budapest bus thanks to Christian & Irene
11 April 2011
Added info on the Amphicoach, builders and warranty e.t.c.
Did some work on Nemesis.
29 March 2011
Added a photo to the trippel Land-Wasser-Zepp 3
made an update after a test drive to the last 2 chapters on My Ampib
23 March 2011
Added the Hubei Xinchufeng amphibious bus
20 March 2011
Added more info on the China amphib and added the China amphibious ATV
But I still do not know the name and the factory name of those vehicles.
14 March 2011
Added the Iguana and 2 photos send in by Xin Wang to the China (2003)  amphib
and I added the John Hinton Shortcutter that is a water lawnmower. ;-)
28 Feb 2011
Added a few BAZ 5021 photos to the special page
22 Feb 2010
Added the 1949 Insulaner and the 1961 USA Terrapin
15 Jan 2010 Added the Weiguo water bike and photos to the Lancia Iveco Fiat 6640G special page
27 Dec 2010
Very happy to say I have Photos of the Mitsui AST 001 thanks to Jiri
Still working on Nemesis (Fuel tank noise) It is to much work in a small space.
04 Dec 2010
Working on Nemesis (Fuel tank noise)
and did behind the curtains work on this web site.
10 Nov 2010
Added a Croco photo and working behind the curtain to simplify the dir. structure.
Just waiting for my right hand to recover.
08 Nov 2010
Added the Amphibear Big Brother
And got the stitches removed from my right hand.
07 Nov 2010
Added a few photos of yet another VW water beetle.
06 Nov 2010
Added the Wartburg 400
05 Nov 2010
Added the Westphalen prototype 03 and a new photo for the Weasel.
04 Nov 2010
Worked (brain) on "My Nemesis" suspension.
Added many photos and much info on the 1980 Bocar (camper trailer)
Added the Gato Montes ATV and a nice photo of the LARC V
Added the Otter caravan (camper trailer)
01 Now 2010
Added the Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding AST-002 Photo's
Recovering from small surgery on my right hand.
22 Oct 2010
Added the Gotcha 5000 (Scrambler 4)  and the Dutton Surf.
22 Sept 2010
I made much progress on My Nemesis but the last things are verry difficult.
I need 4 weeks time off, no working on Nemesis BUT only play!

No update on this site for the same time.

Starhyke mode on/

First I'm will sample the Scottish bottle and I will try to find out if brown chocolate tastes better than white chocolate.

For that I take 4 weeks then there will be up dates on this site again.
09 Sept 2010
I'm working on my Amphib Nemesis not much energy left for updates on this site.
11 Aug 2010
Had a bit of bad luck with the baring of the radiator fan.
The new fan will arrive next week.
No APK now but I can't drive her any way.
22 July 2010
Have to put "all" my energy in getting my Amphib road ready.
On 4 August the maximum time I can keep her off the road is reached.
after that date she has to pass the "yearly" inspection.
Problem is that 30 minutes work takes me a day.
My body simply has no energy. So NO updates on the web site right now!
29 June 2010
Worked on the VAZ 2122 corrected mistakes an added a photo
22 June 2010
Added Mitsui AST 001 and 002 Amphiroll still need photos - One more photo of the Borg-Warner co. Airroll I.
Something really nice the Canterbury Belle (1959) Amphibious motorcycle side car
11 June 2010
New photos on the Iveco second prototype
New and bigger photos of the Chrysler LVW AGAIN ! - New AmphiRanger photos and info - added the Mitsui AST-002 amphiroll -
03 June 2010
Made a new set-up for the books list - Received good Ferrit/Fox photos so I updated the Ferret - some new and larger photo's of the Chrysler LVW and LVH
29 May 2010
Added the Food Machinery LWH - China Amphib info and photo's - some Twister info -
Panhard amphibs
The books list is to much for one page. needs a complete rethink and a revision.
I'm working on it now.
24 May 2010
Started a book list page, but it is a bit bigger job than I expected.
Forgot to mention that I have made a link list a few weeks ago.
22 May 2010
Added photo's of the sealander marine - Nobel Amphibil - Photo's of prototype LARC V - Gaz BOBR photo's - Dobbertin Surface Orbiter more photo and info
16 May 2010
Added more Comet photos and info - The Licorne - Larc XV expl view - Kori Scrambler - more photo's of bloodhound M151 8x8 - and Trippel - Racoon photo's and more intel - More BTR photo's and intel
08 May 2010
Added tanks Ka-Chi - Ka-Cha - Ka-Chu - Ka-Mi - To-Ku - Ishikawajima A-I-Go - FB swamp crossing -
05 May 2010
Added the GAZ-011 - NAMI-055 - Busse Terain Wagon - new photo's M3 - Hoppe & Kroos - Rubtsovsk Ob'yekt 19 - Amphi Motor - moved the M656 to Ford M656 with new photo's - boots with wheels update
26 Apr 2010 Added the Borgward-Seeteufel - Borgward-Ente - EDAG - Fiat home build - PIG - more and better BARC photo's - Daimler Benz - better photo's for DAF, Bussing and more
22 Apr 2010
Finished updating and cleaning HTML code en adding Java-script. Hip hip Hooray!
Now I go for more and larger and better photo's and not to forget to add many new items.
19 Apr 2010
More Trippel photo's - added 2 Vicker tanks - much work and photo's on the Lockheed twister special page.
to much time needed for the cleaning of HTML code and the Java-script update.
09 Apr 2010
Lohr is No amphib - added photo of M.A.N. 8x8 amphib and photo of Trippel Amphicar prototype in the water. Cleaning and changing HTML code.
Started to use a Java script photo in new window script.
I have done the main pages, next week I start with the special pages.
01 Apr 2010
Sea Turtle -  Drake photo's - Ishikawajima - Isuzu Nagisa  concept - Dobbertin -  much text and html errors removed
I was WRONG on the LANDMASTERamphib!! an old/new photo proves it!
Started working on a revision of the HTML code of the whole web site!
25 March 2010
Started a page for UNKNOWN need help amphibs - Canadair Dynatrac Rat - Remu big float -hydromotor - Valentines-DD - Eagle -  GAZ - ZIL 485 - Dauphin - Bussing- Mitsubishi  Ka-Mi - Lorenzo Oppizzi - Opperman - BMP - BMK
19 March 2010
Hill Head -  Creighton Gull - Crocodile Rouge - Amphicoach - Amphitruck website is BACK - Land-Wasser-Schlepper- Lionel Forge - PTS - Aris Ark - Arktiktrans Арктиктранс
12 March 2010
Did some HTML error correction work, just took it easy.
03 March 2010
Added info on the Hobbycar Cortex - Hydromobil - Hummer Hexonaut - Karl Mayer - Ryan Mike - Alligator
And I went to the Hospital for 6 days got some more surgery.
27 Feb 2010
Added info on the Aqua Cheeta  A.A.C. Photo - Borg Warner Airoll - Polywog - Snail Systems -  Gecko - Few - Terrapin  II
and maybe I got some line in the Hanns Trippel amphibs.
22 Feb 2010
The last few days added the Seahorse, Valt Atnor, Photo's of Chrysler, Christie 1921 to 1923 and some Half-Safe photo's
17 Feb 2010
In the last few days I updated the Herzog  Conte and the Corphibian.
06 Feb 2010
do read I FULLY agree with what is written there!
30 Jan 2010 Added a web page on the BARC in China
Still  have a bit of health problems so I'm slow in updating and answering email.
30 Oct 2009 Added info and photos on the Crosley tracked Amphib and Photo's of the Colani
23 Oct 2009 Added info and photos on the Watercar Phyton and the Gator kit car
10 Oct 2009 New EU laws on Kit cars after may 2009.
SVA is from now on only for UK build cars.
Every EU country now must have a look a like SVA system.
08 Oct 2009 Added  the SogJoy {Sogzhoy}  Cross-country vehicles
06 Oct 2009 Added the Residue Solutions MudMaster AmphiRoll.
I have the plan to add an Amphib every day. Now I only have to find the energy. :-)
30 Sept 2009 Added the reason the BARC cab was moved aft to the BARC technical page.
28 Sept 2009 I'm in lousy shape I make much mistakes in the HTML code.

Made many corrections to the Non millilitre amphibious vehicles in production link list.
21 Sept 2009 Did some work on the my Amphib pages,
made a high water 3 page of the things I still have to do,
but can't do any work right now.
16 Sept 2009 Added The Balrog aluminium hydrostatic ATV
Added an Otocar Cobra photo
Added the SeaWolf150
Added the Toyota RoofLiss
Added the things to do to the to do list
24 Aug 2009 Added a photo of an Iveco Magirus Marconi build 2008 I NEED MORE INFO
20 Aug 2009 Added the Aton Impuls Viking 2992 to the production list  (new web site )
and moved Anthon to the right place in the alphabet
"AN" is not after "AL" anyway but  after "AM"  and that is a different page. :-)
and it is now Aton instead of Anthon there for even a more different page.
06 Aug 2009 More bad news, in the belly muscles something is torn, time to take it even more easy.
31 July 2009 OK it is now the end of July, I was a bit to old for the surgery,
but I did not have much options left.  OK, one but that one does not count.
I spend 5 hours on the table and 5 days flat on my back.
a total of 11 days in hospital.

14 days after surgery a complication the wound opened with a 2,5 x 1 cm hole
It has to heal from the inside out and the hole hampers the function of the chest muscles.
even typing is hard work!

Positive result of the surgery is that my hart beat is now regular
and never before was breathing
so easy.
28 May 2009 Going to the hospital for some surgery.
Some months sooner than expected. No time to warn people! sorry!

The reason hart rhythm failure!
Hope to be working on this site again at the start of July 2009.

14 May 2009 Working on the Q, P and down added M106, Schafer Orion amphibious motor home and OT-62
11 May 2009 Working on the S added Schwimmwagen photo's and info.
09 May 2009 Working on the S and added Suleica amphibious caravan photo's.
08 May 2009 Finished for now on ZIL about 30 photo's added and added 3 photo's and info to Vityas
working from Z up to A with new style sheets and new Amphibs.
added Zhejiang Kingpower a small 8x8 from China, the Voisin 1955 and the Vickers Carden Loyd 1930
VAZ 1922  and VAZ 2122 new photo's Terrapin and USSR t 40 new photo's added USSR T37
07 May 2009 Working on the Zil and I took it up on me to use more style sheets and
improve the look and feel of this site
 ( O dear that is MUCH work)
02 May 2009 Working on the ZIL Amphibs zil 132 135xx 47xx 49xx 59xx PEUxx Amphirol
27 Apr 2009 added info an photos for The Box and added more photos for the Hydratrek
24 Apr 2009 added the new Boatcar (Beijing) 6x6 amphibious TRUCK
17 Apr 2009 added two photo's of  the Ravaillier 1907 and the Havel Spyder
13 Apr 2009 added much more info and photo's on the Trecol build by Atlantauto  (RU)
08 Apr 2009 added Info and photos on the Peking Duck (Happy Boot) and the Canadair Fisher
07 Apr 2009 added info and photos on the EWK APE
06 Apr 2009 added info and photo's on BAW BJ 5022 HZHE from Beijing Automobile Works Co.,Ltd
and I made a special page for Boats on Wheels look under (B)oat
added info and photo for the Sirene De La Baie (1986)
05 Apr 2009 added a photo of the Lockheed Twister (non Amphib version) and a few Rolligon vehicles
02 Apr 2009 added the Amphib Alaska
29 mar 2009 added the  Aquaterra (Canadian Dutton) old Toyota photo and worked on the Hanns Trippel amphibs
12 mar 2009 added Info and photos on the Canagem Challenger 4x6
11 mar 2009 added new photo of the Toyota Su-Ki.
04 mar 2009 added the Few P2S DDR and the P2S copy
26 feb 2009 added Info on the Vityas DT-30 etc.
My health is a bit of a problem in making updates the past year or so.
16 feb 2009 added photos of EWK ALF 01 and EWK ALF 02
15 feb 2009 added Ford, GMC and Reo proto types from 1960 -- Poncin VP2000 and VP3000
20 jan 2009 added the GSP 55 Russian ferry and the Litvina Rusian swamp vehicle
17 jan 2009 added the Triton ATV, Terrapin, CEFA EFA, CEFA Gillios and the Iveco Proto type II
15 jan 2009 added The Voyager and the Hydratrek
14 jan 2009 added the Jet ranger home build and the Seamaster
11 jan 2009 Made a NEW amphibious vehicle production page
and I removed html errors from the index page
Removed to many DEAD links from the site that alone was 3 days work!
18 dec 2008 added Info on the VW Sea Bug and a few VW water beetle photos.
16 dec 2008 added the Snow-Boat.
13 dec 2008 changed the BARC sizes -- the wheels are smaller than I thought :-)
20 sept 2008 Changed the Dutton entries and the news about his sentence.
updated de smallest camper-trailer in the world pages
and the Samurai and off-road camper trailer for sale page
26 - 06 - 2008 added the Iveco WM40 home build Amphib
01 - 05 - 2008 added the long forgotten EWK ALF 1 special page
24 - 04 - 2008 added the Terra star and the VAZ 1922
23 - 04 - 2008 added the GAZ 3302 Gazelle Gazel Gazele
made an update on the MY AMPHIB file no work has been done there after February because of bad health
10 - 04 - 2008 Added the Alligo

Find a way to get 40 hours in a day
was a bad joke, I got ill so no work has been done at all.
09 - 01 - 2008 I did some work on the Trippel amphibs
sorry no Photos right now. it is a copyright thing.
And I moved the Su-ki to Toyota
16 - 12 - 2007 added the IceChallenger
11 - 11 - 2007 Got some more car problems other than the amphib
Got some computer problems AND back up problems
Got ill the last 4 weeks.

I'm sure it can be worse than that. ;-)

Move the BARV to the C of the Centurion and added a few line send in by Jim to the BARC history page.
Added an Amphib from Poland on the bases of a UAZ 485
12 - 09 - 2007
New low on my own Amphib
And moved the Poncin VP 2800 from V to P
08 - 08 - 2007
update to the my Amphib pages
05 - 08 - 2007
Added the Wilcraft and a new big photo of the Amphibian send in by Bram.

From now one the new pictures will be bigger. (if possible)
And old pictures will be slowly changed for bigger ones. (If I have them)
04 - 08 - 2007 New throw away email address in use.
03 - 08 - 2007 Trying to get some of the running cost of this site,  back by giving room to Google adverts.
29 - 07 - 2007 Just checking dead links and killing them.
done much work on Commander Lavish but not much on the web pages.
30 - 06 - 2007 Added the Fiat Panda, new info on the Daf Amphiroll and a picture of the Arktos
Yesterday I climbed 20 times by ladder to 30 meters high, today I'm dead
28 - 06 - 2007 Added the Fast track and I'm using a throw away email address for this site
24 - 06 - 2007 I added a 2 Uni-Cat pictures
Started on the 3th page on my Amphib.

A new wave of Spam came my way
I'm thinking to use throw away email addresses in the near future.
04 - 06 - 2007 OK, I OWN an Amphib.
Plan was to go on holiday with it, BAD PLAN.
2 months before the holiday it was clear NO WAY.
I used those 2 months to finish my caravan (camper trailer)
No time to work on the site any more
Good news is the Spam is controllable now
Email will be possible soon, to much good mail still goes to the bin
The caravan (trailer) worked like a dream in a dream vacation driving the smallest passable roads in the Pyrenees (Spain)
17 - 02 - 2007 Yes, it has been a while,
I bought my self a Amphib on eBay

I did so much work on it.
Last weekend it was ready for the water

Can't say  it was a happy ending

But I do not have to get bored. ;-)

I did make 2 html pages about it
and I hope to make updates to the amphiclopedia soon
I do have  a Spam problem to much mail is going to the bin
so hold your email for  a while a solution is on the way

This History file was to long so I cut a few years.
To see them click here

X - X - 199X

Started these pages with the idea to show some of the amphibious vehicles that are bigger than the 6x6 ATV type.