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I have started this domain on 28 September 1999. The real start on my home page was in 1997 ?

This site is in NO WAY intended to infringe on YOUR COPYRIGHT it is my hobby and non-profit!!!

These pages contain pictures that I have made and pictures I got from many people over many years.

Most of the time I'm not sure if photo's are public domain or free of rights.
Never can I be sure that the sender has send in his own photo's.

If you see YOUR picture on the Amphiclopedia and it gives you an unpleasant feeling!
Let me know and I will remove it or I mention the real copyright holder! 

Just let me know in a pleasant way please!

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If you know of any amphibious vehicle that is not on these pages let me know.

By the way: English is not my native language :-)

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