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To report broken links.(I hope few.)
To tell me about the Amphib that you have.
Or the one you are building.
Or the Amphib that you have seen.
Tell me of a new slipway.
Give more info on a slipway.
To point out my mistakes. (There are so many.)
Or just to say hello.

If you want to sponsor this site by buying photos from the amphibious events photo pages.
then send me an e-mail and I tell you how to make a list of photos and how to pay.

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If that is not for you then cash in an envelop will do also.
Your name and donation will be added to the donor page.
If you want to send me pictures of Amphibs.
(I LOVE THAT !!!!!)

PLEASE send them as JPEG's.

IF and WHEN the photo's are very LARGE!
Please only one BIG photo in one e-mail.

If you want to send  many Photos or Film
then Make a Zip or Rar e.t.c. file and use

For instuktions take a look at:

Just send your email to -- amphi(??%??)kabelfoon.net
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I do have a health problem so I'm sometimes very slow with my e-mail!

If you want to contribute to the slipway list.
please use the names I use in the list!

If you know a new slipway
Tell me what you know
And if posible use "what is here" in Google maps
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Send me the numbers like 51.735874,5.194702
that are shown in the search bar