All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress) All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress)

Last modified 21 July 2011

Suspenseful Suspension.

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The suspension was never any good!
Being the original leave springs of the Suzuki Samurai donor vehicle.

The thing I always did with my Suzuki 410, 413 and with Sam Diesel,
is adding a leaf to every set of springs.
The original Suzuki suspension is OK for (normal) soft (road) use.
NO GOOD in any OVERLOAD situation like under the Dutton.

In the past I already had added more then a few used leave springs to "My Nemesis".
But that solution was not up to my standards.

Knowing the prices of GOOD leave springs I looked into the possibility
of an air ride suspension or the possibility to add air bellows to assist the leave springs.
air bellows
I replaced the 7 year old distribution belt that had less than 2500 km on the road.
Bellows are over the top in price and work!

It will be new leaf springs from Dobinson from AU they will come by a slow boat
that is more economic than ordering local. :-)
And it is so much less work than air suspension.
down side is: They take almost 60 days to arrive!

Had to pay 800 Euro on local cost that is 600 euro cost and 200 euro tax
600 Euro cost like 45 euro storage cost and much more SUPID cost.
But it is 3.50 Euro storage cost a day and I got here 2 hours after I got the papers! Yes, but it is 45 Euro minium. :-(

It is more economic to use DHL and an air-plane than a boat and an agent!

I made the money transfer on my bank the "ING" on 23 January
The "ING" transferred it to Australia on 25 January at 2:00  o`clock at night.
Dobinson got the Money from there bank "Westpac" on 9 February (NO SHIT)

Westpac is Australia's First Bank I'm glad Dobinson does not use Australia's second bank.
I think they use a guy on foot to transfer money between banks in Australia.

So no leaf springs before April!
Latest news is that they are on the boat. ( 15 February 2011 )
ETA on 4 - April - 2011
ETA is now 20 April
Arrival was 14 April Pick up after customs the 18 April

It is now 29 April and I made a test drive with the new springs.

When I was mounting the new springs I found some shocking shock absorber problems.
The length of the shock limits the wheels to fall down to much in the water.
But the springs still need to expand when driving over a bump
otherwise the wheels leave the ground.

The new springs where to low for the old shocks.
meaning there was less than 10mm the original springs ware able to expand.

In the new set up I have over 100 mm inwards and 80 mm outwards.

Nemesis drives and handles nicely now it has a working suspension.
Old original rear springs

The old original leaves

New springs

The new leaves!
And I love them.

But I found a shock absorber problem
created by Tim Dutton

The original shocks where mounted to high.

There for there was no expansion possible.

Resulting in very poor road handling.
In the mean time some garage improvements:
using the now obsolete isolation for a box to keep the air-compressor noise down.

Then there is there Sam Diesel that needs attention and a tune up.
Sam Diesel is gone to a new owner,
That is because it was to much in my condition to work on the two vehicles.

The stainless steel hitch to pull my 500 kg caravan.

More strength is gained by a strip welded on the inside of the stainless steel construction.
On the inside of the hull there is a stainless steel strip 300 x 50 mm with 4 x 12 mm nuts.

At the end of March 2011 I did a test pulling a caravan.

NO problems and NO overheating!
I did find a place for the Garmin navigation unit.
In the same time I mounted a cruise control
and wired the cooling fan for the transfer box

The cruise control arrived on 22 February and on 15 march all those jobs where done.
The cruise control manual mentions 6 hour work but then you have to be healthy. :-)

I mounted some better looking switches for the cooling fans.

22 March 2011 I will get Nemesis back on road tax, 3 Euro a day. (Hello tax man)
Then we will test what we have done so fare

With the metal switches in the O and the U of the name Dutton I can measure the temperature before or after the oil and the water cooling. The red and green are the bypass for the fans in the hood. The orange in between is for the oil cooler in the hood.
and the green right bottom is for a small fan to keep the transfer-box cool.
No more black oil!!!!!

dash now
The test on 22 March 2011 was O.K. the fuel tank noise is gone.

I think the drive-shaft to the water jet is bend.
That still gives to much vibration and noise.

It looks like Tim used an old drive shaft from the scrapyard and modified it to fit the dog clutch, the belt drive wheel and the rear barring.

I did find an other source of noise and vibration a hand brake part was rubbing the jet drive shaft. Many small things to get the vibration down will make a big improvement.
Hand brake rubbing
A few years back I bought 2 locking hubs on Ebay

It took from 6 April to 13 April 2011 to mounted them
and to replace the grease in the front axle steering.

Still want/have to do on Nemesis :

New legal navigation lights, the original lights are only legal on a sail boot. ;-)
Nice white sport seats that will be nice, maybe in the future.
An ergonomic dash -- only to dream of ;-(

O dear, there is also my dear wife. :-)

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