All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress) All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress)

Last modified 21 July 2011

 I am sailing !

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In the past Nemesis had nasty overheating problems.
FIRST: Because cooling with hot air is simply a bad idea.
SECOND: Making a U-turn with air will cost 30% air flow and a second U-turn takes 30% of the air that is left,
air that is much needed for cooling things!

I was so confident that I skipped the caravan pulling test, we just went for a short holiday to Friesland.
Any way !

Nemesis pulls a Caravan now.

Up to 85 km/h, no over heating in the Netherlands (flat land no hills on a cool day)
She can pull with 90 km/h but then I have to open the interior heater.
pulling a (small) Caravan
Friesland the end of May 2011

First from the Potten across the Sneekermeer to Terkap
Slipway on It Soal long arm steering steering with the foot High rear side Lunch

What I do not like is the high rear end!
Nemesis is simply to heavy at the front.
But I can not ad extra weight, the axles and brakes have a limit and I'm already there.
Spare-wheel, tools and the soft-top are stored in the back. The battery was already moved to the rear.
I removed the rear seats, so we can move around in the back.
But I can not steer from the back. so I have to make something.

From Balk across the Slotermeer passing Woudsend on the way to the Heerermeer and leaving the water at Indijk.
Slipway on It Soal
lake - 1
Lake - 2
looking for a slipway

Love Ijselmeer like a mirror
Slipway testing

And on the last day we did the IJselmeer that day the lake was flat as a mirror.
I did some testing on the water-jet to get the noise down.

I used acrylic filler
between the hull and the bottom part of the jet.
That seems to work to reduce the vibration.

After this success, I made a second steering wheel
Grevelingenmeer second steering
It is a bit hard to see the navigation device now.
But it is nice to have the choice to stand up in the wind or to sit down. ;-)
In the hull there were many holes that had no use and where filed with a bold.

I took the time to fill every hole that I can find with synthetic resin

Next stop was Zeeland, that was in the first week of July 2011

we started at Ouddorp went along the Grevelingenmeer to Brouwershaven. A 2 1/2 hour trip.
It was no a flat sea at all, we had splashes as high as the screen.

ouddorp slipway
Grevelingenmeer wave
Brouwershaven slipway
To reduce the water-jet noise even more.
I started filling the gaps between the hull part of the water-jet and the bottom half with glass-fibre and synthetic resin.  Those gaps where 10 mm high and 6 mm deep!!!

Not only was the noise down, but on the first test I also had a 5 % higher top speed.

I'm not sure it will hold with all that vibrating, I think I'm on the right track.

Brielsemeer 12 July

We took my mother in law for a trip, she is 80 years old, but climes a board like she is 68. ;-)
SIX  years of work but I got there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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