All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress) All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress)

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The final insult! --------  ------- ------  She is falling apart.... --------  ------- ------  And I am falling apart to.

By law:
You must be able to open a car door from the outside!    When not locked that is!

On Nemesis that was always a bit hard to do.

It passed the annual check up many years with the warning to have it fix it next time.

This time I adjusted the locks to make that opening easy, like in NORMAL!

March 2014

When I was working I noticed that the lock was moving. That is normal, I tighten those screws 3 times a year. But this time there was a black hole so no tightening any more.

A black hole

I filled the 3 black holes with a PVC padding then used a M6 bolt with a large washer where the recessed screws used to be. Of course I did it on both doors.

If you look at the right photo above you will notice a crack,
well this sort of thing happens often lately. See below

hood crack
It cracked when I softly closed the hood, a little bit fell off.

Fixed it, filled the hole.
hood crack
The reason, an air pocket that could not handle it any more.
crack 01
Under the hood left.
crack 02
where the safety catch for the hood is mounted.
crack 03
Under the hood right side.

These things happened slowly, so I really did not noticed the change. Well I have the time, and I relay need all the time I have to fix this.
Fixed them with a few extra layers of fiberglass and polyester.

On the more positive side I changed the front tow hook to something that can be used to tow!!

April 2014
The military has a simple formula to tow or winch a maximal bogged down vehicle.

Vehicle weight X 4 = Max Pull.

The 1400 kg commander by military standards needs a tow eye that can handle 5700 kg.

OK, you think that is just a bit over the top.
So now back to normal industry standards!

The standard M12 tow hook used on Nemesis has a breaking point of 3500 kg
a max tow of 1750 kg
and a max lift of 350 kg

The way it is mounted on Nemesis,
20% of 1750 = 350 kg tow
The forces first go over an angle of 90 degrees and then over 2 smaller angles.
So you are a lucky son of a bitch if the tow eye is still on the vehicle. ;-)

Industry standard tells to use used minimal a M20 tow hook for this weight vehicles.
Lift = 1200 kg
Tow = 6000 kg
Breaking point = 12000 kg

Then the question is; where do the pull forces go to and on witch point does the vehicle break?

So I kept the M12 tow hook and I hoop never to mud down completely.
It was so simple, less than a half hour work to make the construction and the new hole.
To close the old hole and clean up, an other half an hour.
and a half hour to mount with some filler to keep the water out.

So for me this was just a 3 days job. ;-)

Old tow hook
Old hook insides
New tow hook
New hook insides



This is stuff is all about Vector diagrams.
Stuff I learned when I was 14 years old at the LOWER technical school.
There is nothing more basic in technology than Vector diagrams.

Of all the things I learned and have forgotten I will NEVER EVER forget Vector diagrams!

May 2014
In early May I brought her to the annual check, she got through without any problems.
The plan was to go to Ireland without the Amphi and the weather was still shit. so I did not put her back in the road tax. Not before 10 June 2014 when my body was recovered from the holiday.

The sun was shining, a perfect day to test all the new improvements.
I opened the garage doors and turned the ignition key.

Short version: The preheat relays was dead!
New relay will take 2 to 3 weeks to deliver.
Took my luck on Ebay with 5 to 7 days to deliver.
I got an e-mail after a few days saying, sorry I am on holiday I will send it to you in 7 days.

OK - old one need to be removed, mounted under the dashboard with nuts behind a bind wall with a special surprise. I removed a seat and the dashboard locker.
Then me folded on the floor with one arm trough the dash hole, sorry no photos, maybe better that way. ;-)

pre heat
pre heat
pre heat
pre heat

Drilled holes around the bolts and forced them through the wall.

New relays screwed on the wall with pop nuts, so it is easy to remove if that is ever necessary.

I worked on her for 8 years.

The last 2 year where to much.

My body does not want to do what my mind want.

So IT ends here!!!!!!!
29 June 2014

Preheat relay is working but the battery is at the end of his life span. Engine is NOT spinning round.

OK it is Sunday, Tomorrow is a new day

30 June 2014

In the morning I put new battery in. Then took a rest until 14:00 hour.
I opened the garage doors on a bellyful day for a test. Spinning round but NOT starting. ;-(


Diesel Injection Pump Fails. It is computer controlled so I need commercial help.
When Nemesis has her top on it is getting too hard for me to fold my body behind the wheel.

Driving concentrated for more than an hour is very hard.

So it is time, to use my brain.
Tuesday 8 July

Help is there with a diagnostic device, I already knew that Tim removed most of the sensors
like the air temperature and air flow sensors e.t.c.

But to my big surprise the diagnostic box tells us that NOTHING is connected to the computer
Not even the gas pedal.

Tow away to the commercial garage!
I just had hope to make it to the Amphib2014, with an almost bug free Nemesis, to finalize things.
It was not to be.
Butch has had similar problems and he has solved it with a mechanical injection pump.

So I give the order do not spent to much time testing the computer shit
because the computer does not see the sensors that are clearly connected.
So be it.
Thursday 24 July

The mechanic starts with removing the old injection pump and mounting the new mechanical pump.

Friday 25 July

The engine is running and revs up fast enough but has NO real power on the test drive.

Turns out the diesel pump has two steps.
Step one fore stationary running (less pollution)
Step two for working power (more horses)

Nemesis does not start any more after changing the timing
Garage has no more time, the mechanic goes on holiday him self!

So Amphib2014 will be without Nemesis. (SHIT)
I expected this to be my last Amphib gathering.

The way things turned out this wood have been my last Amphib

After the Amphib2014 it turned out the diesel had gone bad.

Well shit happens.
New Diesel in the tank and now she runs fine.

Had a few good runs on the local lake (Brielse meer)
The new PTO works fine, even better that I hoped for.

Noise level on the road (90km/h with open top is around 80 db
Noise level in water at top speed 7.5 km/h 85 db
(had the same top speed with jet drive only then it made 120 db noise)

Some vibrations from the prop need a final solution but not by me anymore.
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