All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress) All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress)

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To have a road legal Amphib one needs more than just a license plate!

IT "CAN" drive now! -- but the engine is fast over heating
Swimming is to close to sinking
NO good for a vacation

So many thing are VERY WRONG it is hard to start some where.

First I start by getting her back on the road.

For that we need a working exhaust and a working cooling system.

The exhaust pipe was banging to the steering column.

banging pipe no space Space the final frontier

4 mm of space and 5 cm rubber engine blocks.
For the welding there are no words.
There is a pipe backed half way into the exhaust header.
really I have no words, I do need a bucked to throw up.

test air and dirt

Picture on the left show the problem as it is now (06 - 06 - 07) with the header cleaned out.
Picture on the right shows a new problem no casket between the air in let and the intake header

The air in let has 2 leaks in the front any way.
Beside the all ready known leak on the air filter that is.

Did I mention that the holes in the header are a bit bigger than the holes in "the thing" on the left.
The in and out gas flow was TOTALLY **** up!
No wonder that the engine has no power and overheats in a very bad way.

cutting welding

The masked master did a little cutting and a little welding

new header top view

After a few mistakes on my side
it worked out like this on 24 - 06 - 2007
30 mm room for the steering system.
speed cable

The speedometer cable was damaged because it came in contact with the starter engine. I fixed it to the 12V starter cable. Now it stays clear of the heat.
nice and shiny
Big hole is small hole now
the bighole

On 07 - 08 - 2007
We have a non banging exhaust system and an engine that revs up a bit more easy.

The big hole were the waves run into is a verry small hole now and it is located 15 cm higher.
floor vent hole

The battery is moved to the rear and there for the seats and the panelling has to goes out.


The little hole under the seat will house a small fan to help cooling the gear boxes

What I really need is a air flow meter but that cost 500 Euro for that money I can buy a load of fans.

To fix the heat under the floor problem.
 I reversed the air flow in the engine bay.

No more hot air blown into the bay
cool air gets into the bay first.
old air flow

Old air flow
new air flow

New air flow

I cut two holes and I close two holes
but it was more than two weeks work.

On 04 - 09 - 2007 I made a test drive:

I drove an hour around the town.

Then I took it on the motorway, with 90 km/h
and it was just fine.

Outside temperature was 21 degrees
under floor temp 27 and
engine bay temp  32 degrees.
oil them around 90 degrees

Then I put the peddle to the floor.

At 120 km/h things went bad very fast.

The oil was over heating fast
The engine over heating light was already on.

A hose came away from a pipe
and most of the cooling liquid lay in the bilge,

So now I have a bit more work to do on the cooling system:

1- many new hoses.
2- reroute some hoses
3- check all hoses
4- a new low noise big Cool fan

This is how it looked before.
very bad
Second hose from the left came all the way lose.
ty- rap
One of the reasons it came off  was that the hose was tight to the engine block
A 38 mm hose will not stay on a 32 mm pipe, not for long anyway.
On the left is how I want it, when it is ready.

One can get to the oil filter. There is even room for a normal size filter!!!!

I had plans to put the vehicle on fire.
but I decided that this event would be incomplete
without the presence of the professional mechanic that has build this vehicle.

Chained on top of it I mean!

But I'm very sure this feelings will fade away.

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