All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress) All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress)

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I had plans to put the vehicle on fire.
But I decided that this event would be incomplete
without the presence of the professional mechanic that has build this vehicle.

Chained on top of it I mean!

In the light of things below on this page.
I think those feelings will NEVER fade away.
On High water part one I have mentioned the reverse cooling system.
and the fact that the first test drive went to hell and back again.
While working on the fuel and the oil cooling system I found that the hoses used where water hoses
NOT to be used for diesel and motor oil.
If you use them for motor oil or diesel they will get HARD, very HARD indeed.

On the right is a photo of a diesel fuel hose, NO trick shot, it is a 2 kg hammer on a 12 mm "soft" rubber hose.

So the fuel leak was the vibration of the tanks (pressure variations in the fuel)
and two hoses that would not bent, fastened with a very cheap plastic hose clamp.
old diesel hose
When I was removing the old hard hoses and trying to find a way to prevent the hoses rubbing again to clamps, walls, engine or to other hoses.

I suddenly saw it, but not the light.

The oil temperature was measured AFTER the oil cooling system, so when I thought the oil temperature was a 140 degrees the temperature was in reality 160 to 180 degrees.

An image of a person with an axe in his head came to my mind.
This brought back memories of the engine bay temperature meter that really
measured the temperature of the fire wall.

I used it now to measure the cool water temperature, before and also after the cooling system. By the flick of a switch I can see what there is left on cooling capacity.

That gives me a fair idea when the overheating starts.

I'm going use the same system for the oil temperature.
One of "those" other things:

The builder used old cracked rubber O-rings
and old copper rings.

The O-rings came out almost broken.
Not much of a leak but still a leak.

I have to look into cooper rings and/or O rings of the right size and quality.

No copper O-rings

old and new oil hose
The old hose reads hydro 16 bar that is a water hose, a hydraulic hose has 200 bar written on it side.

If I try to bend them sharp they will crack

The new one reads Petrol - Oil 25 bar
and it is nice soft rubber that will easy bend.

40 years experience in building cars.
but this I know:

Oil and cheap hoses do not go together.
In the mean time I have to rethink the cooling system, I know now the real oil temperature is 40 degrees higher than the meter showed.

Work was stopped on Nemesis between February 2008 and July 2010
I was not in shape to do anything.
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