All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress) All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress)

Last modified 15 July 2010


My Amphib index
I did not work on the Amphib between February 2008 and July 2010, I was not in shape to do anything.
First there is the water drive:

The propeller blade hits the tunnel wall!
Much noise!
fan hits the side rudder as anker
Oil levels and oil change:

After a time of engine overheating.
The oil temperature indicator was mounted after the oil cooler.
Even then it showed over 140 Celsius oil temperature.

The main gear box oil level is low, I know that I can not feel the oil in the fill/level plug.

The transfer-box oil level is low:
I know it's low, I found most of the oil in the bilge.
But I can not test the oil level! Normally you drain all the oil out and fill up again with 0.80 l 75W-90 GL4

I can not drain the rest of the oil, the hull is in the way.

Best solution is, to make a hole in the hull where the drain plug is. Then drain the rest of the oil.
I can fill the transfer-box at the shift leaver that is the easy part. Then I have to fix the hole in a way that I can open it again. But I do have to prevent the hole from opening at an unwanted moment. ;-)

transfer box pto 2008 Jimny

This is a photo of the PTO from an 2008 model. Below in the bilge you can see the oil that was ones inside the box.

On my 2003 Samurai model I have the same problem.

The oil gets so @#%#$% thin when the air around the gearboxes is over 90 Celsius.

General noise:
The engine noise has to be brought down.

There is much lead plating that only helps to reduce vibration. I have to remove that to improve on the loading capacity. That is now 2 persons and a box of chocolate. (125 kg)

I have to prevent the noise from starting the vibration! Under the hood (bonnet) I have to place some real sound isolating stuff. No room on the fire wall, but maybe I can do that on the inside when I modify the dashboard.

Gear box noise:
Not much I can do on my side, but on the passengers side there is some room.
Transfer box:
I have done that and the noise is down (a little).

Wheel and road noise:
The rear side of the Amphib has room for isolation. In the front on the passenger side there is also room but on my side there are 3 peddles that I need.

Water jet noise:
O.K. have to see what that does when the bump on the tunnel wall is removed and the fan does not hit the side( shit).
The two fuel tanks walls are vibrating.
Maybe a lighter plastic tank?

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