All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress) All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress)

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Slowly, working 20 to 40 minutes a day, on my Nemesis, I get some work done.
More photos will follow in the future. Now she is with the her left side pressed to the wall and the right front wheel and breaks in repair.
See High water 5
Reversed air flow for better engine cooling.

new cooling fan on front

cold air in
That was almost done, in the test 2 years back the fan was on the other side of the radiator.
(My first experiment was a much better fan in the old set-up.)

A fan mounted ON the radiator has a higher % air flow pulling.
There for I had to move the fan to the front.

There are no photos of the first new fan experiments
because that did not work out OK in the end.

In photo 2 you see that I cut a hole so that the COLD air from the "ears" goes strait to the engine room. In the old set-up the air had to make a U turn into the ears the a roller-coaster ride over the wheels then a second U turn to go through the radiator and then very HOT into the engine bay and then find it's own way out.

Now the fans also suck air in through the old hot air out holes.

Now the big fan sucks the air through the radiator and then blows it away to the out side. The oil cooler on the inside of the bonnet has a small fan that blows the cold air through the oil-cooler and then also to the outside world.

New oil cooling system

hood air out

oil cooler and sound isolation

oil cooler and sound isolation
Needed to cut 4 hoses and place 8 clamps.
Drain the old oil that is 5 litre from the engine
Used a hand vacuum pump with a small hose into the oil level stick hole

I knew there was 1.3 litre in the old oil cooling system.
the new system has a bit longer hoses.

Yes, fill the system again with 6.5 litre fresh oil.

When the whole cooling system works I will move the radiator backwards
and give it a support under the radiator.
That is what every radiator needs.

With every bump I hope that the bottom of the radiator does not drop out.
Sound isolation Isolated the hood (bonnet) and where possible the fire wall
More sound isolation on the inside to get the noise level down.
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