All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress) All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress)

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On 04 August 2010 the time she was allowed to be off-road is ended after that time she need must pass the annual test as soon as possible. With a limed of 2 months after that BIG trouble will come knocking at my door.
Worse, I lose the license plate, and she will not pass the current tests for a new plate.
The front disk brakes the sliding pins were stuck!
They were very rusty and now they are nicely covered in water resisting grease.
Painted the metal brake parts with heat resisting paint.
sliding-pin holder
Drilled a hole in the hull to drain the rest of the oil in the transfer-box.
That hole took me two days. This body of mine does not have much energy.
But I'm getting better!

The red spots on the bottom of the transfer-box is red paint that came of the engine.

The drain plug that was on this impossible to reach place was damaged in a way that it looks like a 10 year old drain plug on a vehicle that has 1 million miles on the road. On the left the new plug and on the right the old plug.

Well it is a Dutton so there is no logic!

Hull Holle

old and new drain plug
Drained the rest of the oil, an interesting 1.15 litre VERY BLACK oil came out.
I estimated the oil spill for a minimum of 150 cc.
That makes a 1,3 litre total.

The Samurai transfer-box needs a maximum of 0.8 litre 75W-90 GL4
It was no wonder the oil tried to escape from every hole.

There was +-2 times the normal amount of oil in the box!

I filed the transfer-box from the top with a small funnel and big patience.

Why the oil was so black I can not tell, I can't ask my usual specialist because I do not work at the oil plant any more.

Black oil from transfer-box

funnel for filling from top
I made 2 stainless steel bars with 2 M5 and 1 M4 bolt holes
the M4 bolt keeps the bar on it's place inside the hull
and the M5 hold the aluminium plate that is sealed with Butyl sealer.
Hull Holle closed up again

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