All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress) All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress)

Last modified 25 August 2010

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I made a test drive (9 August 2010) the day before the annual test.
The main cooling fan barrings gave in!
the same happened 3 years ago but then AT the annual test.
The Wankers then did not notice, anyway they did not tell me.

Then it was replaced under warranty by the fan factory.
But 2 years standing still brings me out of the warranty for the replacement fan.
Broken fan
old dash dial Changed the back of the counter to white and this sticker also has a real km/h scale. On the old scale I glued some small and ugly stickers to give an indication of the km/h on the scale.

The law says scale must be in km/h!
new with dash ;-)
Dash new
The left photo is how it looks now.
The dashboard hole on the left is made strait.
5 switches where added, two to see the before or the after cooling temperatures and three to override the fan thermostats.
new steering wheel and new instruments look.
Overall a cleaner and a nicer look.

Dash old
I ordered a new fan, this time a Kenlowe (A brand) for on the radiator
AND I ordered 2 x 10 inch fans (low budget) for on the hood
to pull even more heat out of the engine bay.

I used the time for the fans to arrive to clean my Nemesis and to put even more sound isolation inside the vehicle.

I also cleaned the water-jet, with that I mean I removed rubber filler that was hit by the impeller and I grind the impeller house where it was hit by the impeller.

The result is that the impeller can now be turned by hand.
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