All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress) All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress)

Last modified 28 Aug 2010

  Sweat, Pain and Gain

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Started mounting the new radiator fan.
It is switched on/off by an in the radiator thermostat.
Nice new BIG Kenlowe fan.

The taped ugly little worm on top is my prototype thermostat the left small fan.
The plastic black "thing" top on the right on the Core holds the Kenlowe thermostat sensor in place
New fan
The wiring is a prototype thing!
I have plans to move the radiator more to the back to make the bow lighter and give "normal" access to the bilge pump.
The radiator is now hanging without proper bottom support.
So when I hit a bump I'm scare the bottom will drop out.

In the future I will make a small box with the relays and the fuses so it will look a bit better.
But for now I just want it to function so I can finally make use my Nemesis.
Proto electric
After the radiator fan was placed and connected I made an aluminium plate.
I has two 10 inch holes for the 2 fans and the front follows the curve of the hood.

The deflector plate creates a low pressure area above the fans and it also deflects the potential waves over the bow.
2 fans top side
After mounting the whole contraption I wired the 2 fans to the relays, the thermostats and the bypass switches.
2 fans under side
I tested the cooling system on 24 August 2010.
Running the engine stationary with the hood closed.

First I had to fix an old leak in the Dutton part of the exhaust.
A leak is a BIG NO NO on the annual test.

Then I started fiddling with the thermostats.

Oil cooler fan is turned on if the water before the radiator is 80 C
that way the oil fan is automatic off when I'm in the lake when the water and the oil is cooled by the lake water that flows along the water cooling pipe and the oil cooling pipe under thfreee hull.

The left 10 inch fans comes on when the top of the water radiator is 60 C.
The right 10 inch fan, well I have more fiddling to do.

The three small fans have bypass switches next to the temperature gauges.
the same switches have a light that comes on when there fan is turning.

The main radiator fan is on at 78 C and off at 65 C.
That one is automatic only.


cooling pipes
Made a test drive on 25 August the annual test is on 27 August
So there is time left.

I had to convince my self that there is a limited number that lightning strikes at the same spot, so lets say I had some mixed feelings.

First I drove a bit through town, that never gave BIG problems,
the thermostat on top of the radiator switched the left fan on so that was 60 C
When the water in a pipe just before the radiator hit the 80 C mark the oil fan came on. The right side 10 inch fan was on from the start!

The engine bay temperature (sensor under the hood at the rear) was 35 C
Outside temperature was 25 C

The water temp was 80 C before cooling and 35 C after.
The oil temp was a 90 C before cooling and 50 C after.

Then it was time to look for problems.

On the motor-way I drove 90 km/h for 8 km the oil temp stayed lovely low
The water temp was normal.
Then I went back the same way, NO PROBLEMS.

The masochist in me, drove me mad
 and I went for a 30 km route at 100+ km/h


The oil temp after the cooler is between 60 to 80 C.
The water temp after the cooler is between 40 and 70 C.
The highest air temp under the hood was 45 C and average temp was 38 C.

After a short stop to fiddle a bit with the thermostats I drove to a lake.

The water-jet did not vibrate like mad any more.
But it is and always will be a Dutton special home made piece of SHIT.
So there is still much work on the water-jet to get the vibration down to a normal level

The rear mirror still vibrates but I can see some things in it now.
The vibrating noise comes from the 2 fuel tanks and is more than unpleasant.
So I still have a thing or two to do.

One of the other things is a small leak in the bow.
Also on the list:
 moving the radiator back, mounted on a good support.
 new and functional dashboard
 rebuilding it to a camper by making the body higher and longer
 for that last thing I also have to find a way to lose much weight on the vehicle.
water test
After returning to my garage box I put Nemesis hear NEW pyjamas on
and I wished her good night.

I think we are at speaking terms now.
On 26 August I received a bill from the tax man I was to late with the APK annual test so please pay 96 Euro.

Resistance is futile. :-(

On 27 August 9 o'Clock Nemesis now 7 years old past APK with 2290 km on here counter.

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