All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress) All the (off)road going amphibious vehicles of the world. (work in progress)

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To have a road legal Amphib one needs more than just a license plate!

When the vehicle is more than 3 years old it has to pas the yearly inspection!
APK, TUV, MOT, or what ever the local name is.
I already changed the position of the backup light with the fog light and I changed the head lights for mainland type.
But for the annual inspection I have seen big problems coming.
Rear leaves OLD Rear leaves NEW

I bought a second hand original set of leaves and added 3 leaves that I had still lying around.
With 6 leaves doing the work of the original 3
the anti axle wrap bar went to the old iron bin.
and there is 10 cm of travel unloaded
When I have driven 2000 km I will know if this set up will work
Front springs have 2,5 cm travel left That counts as a not properly working suspension system.

Rear springs 3.5 cm travel left with no load and those leaves have an M shape


Much time was lost in trying to find
small air bellows to construct an air ride suspension system.

In the end the cost wood be over the top and the results not so much better then what it is now.
Tire rubbing hull

Can't change that there are already big spacers to increase the axle wide, having a proper suspension system will give improvement.

(2010 more is very wrong there.)
The both rear wheels are rubbing the HULL when there is more than 15 cm in height difference diagonally front and rear.

A BIG mistake in design.

I also found out that the tires are rubbing in a not that fast curb.

(2010) That means that the designer TIM Dutton with so he says 40 years experience.

Does not understand that leaf-springs flex in a curb.
Old seat position seats new possition

In the left photo the seat is in the maximum lockable rear position. I was sitting way to close and of side to steering wheel.
20 cm to the rear 7 cm higher en 5 cm to the left
and a smaller a-symmetrical steering wheel
did the trick.

In the right photo the seat is in almost in maximum rear position.

Now the seat is 7 cm higher it is more easy to get in and out over the side.

Improverd higher seating

It is NOT possible to get any higher the roof is simply to low and then the steering wheel needs to be moved upwards but the exhaust gets in the way then.

In the future that switch will go and the fuse box will get a place there. The fuse box is now under the dash and to change a fuse the driver seat needs to be removed. ;-)

But for now I need that switch to cut off a 3 amp current.
that keeps running when I remove the ignition key.
Knee cutting device in dashboard.
that is a BIG NO NO.

A failure for the annual inspection

Not so easy the seats need to be remounted.

Most work is in the prototyping and finding the right easy way to do that.
It looks like the leak was just a loose clamp we wait and see. Small diesel leak in rear compartment.

A failure for the annual inspection
The rubber had a hole of 22 mm and where way to large for the shocks, the pin on the axle is 20 mm thick.
Before replacement it looked a bit like that rubber had a beer belly sticking out.
Wrong rubbers at rear shock absorbers.

A failure for the annual inspection
Have to improve construction, it will give way again and again.
Battery was loose.

A failure for the annual inspection
Can't do that in the street with out APK besides there are no dark places near by.

The mechanic did that at the APK. :-)
The head light height needs adjusting.
To DO list!
Not an APK thing but it needs fixing:

Rear lights give a hard time when in need of replacing a bulb.

There is a 3 amp current running with the contact is OFF
and the ignition key removed.

Not a APK item but needs fixing before entering the water:

Two of the tree bilge pumps not working on automatic
power steering oil is leaking
gearbox leaking oil
High/low box leaking oil
Rudder cable rusted stuck and broken off the steering system.

20% of it being a cooling pipe banging to the lower engine
and 20 % the high/low box that was in direct contact with the hull and in direct contact with the cover.
I'm making a second html page.

Some of the things are already fixed

Some are worked on

Some are on the to do list.
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